OPPO Find X2 Coming In Q1 2020 With SD865 & Killer Display


OPPO had not introduced a Find-branded phone / flagship since July 2018. Well, that will change in Q1 2020. The company has confirmed that the OPPO Find X2 is coming with killer specs.

During a discussion with OPPO, after the company’s Innovation Day in China (also known as INNO Day 2019), OPPO shed out some details regarding the phone.

OPPO Find X2 to feature killer display, SoC, and camera

As per XDA Developers, the OPPO Find X2 is coming in the first quarter next year. The device will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm’s newly-announced flagship processor.


That’s not all the info that was shared, not at all. OPPO also confirmed that it is placing major emphasis on the display quality of the Find X2. The company said that there are big gaps in the mobile industry in terms of display resolution, colors, refresh rate, and dynamic range. So, OPPO is planning to balance out everything, and offer a great display.

That probably means that we’ll also get a high refresh rate as well. Pretty much every major flagship in 2020 is expected to offer a high refresh rate display.

The last piece of information that OPPO shared has to do with the cameras. The OPPO Find X2 will have a killer camera as well, it seems.


The company says that it collaborated with Sony on its latest image sensor technology. It did that in order to create a larger sensor size for better light sensitivity.

OPPO will be using Sony’s new 2×2 On-Chip Lens Solution, which brings a new “All Pixel omni-directional PDAF” technology to the table. That tech is expected to improve the overall focus performance by the micro-lens structure, and make it so that the focus performance does not depend on the object shape or pattern.

It is quite interesting that OPPO is going back to the Find series for a new flagship. The company announced its Reno flagships this year, and it seemed like the Find series is not in the game anymore.


Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The name ‘Find X2’ was clearly mentioned by the company, which makes its intentions rather clear.

The company’s under-display camera tech may also debut with this device

OPPO managed to innovate quite a bit over the years, so this phone will certainly be interesting. It may even include the company’s under-display selfie camera that was demoed at INNO Day 2019.

It is quite possible that this phone will launch at MWC 2020, unless OPPO opts to host a separate launch event, of course.