OnePlus Working Hard To Bring OnePlus TV To More Markets: CEO


OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, has confirmed that the company is "working hard" to bring OnePlus TV to more markets. He specifically named North America, Europe, and China.

The company's CEO revealed this information during a recent interview. He also discussed some other things, which we'll talk about in a second.

OnePlus TV coming to more markets as soon as partnerships are established

Pete Lau said that the OnePlus TV will launch in those regions as soon as partnerships are established with most of the local and regional providers.


As a reminder, the company introduced the OnePlus TV back in September. The OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and Q1 Pro were announced along with the OnePlus 7T in India.

The OnePlus TV remains available only in India at this point. The company hasn't even released it in its own country yet. Based on what Pete Lau said, that will happen soon.

It's safe to assume that the OnePlus TV will become available in more markets next year, including the markets Pete Lau mentioned.


When asked about ads in OxygenOS, Pete Lau indirectly said that probably won't happen. He said that OnePlus bases its decisions on value. If a feature doesn't add value to the user experience, the company will opt not to include it.

He also stated that he believes that a well-made product will naturally make money. That is basically why he isn't concerned about the company's revenue, or anything of the sort. He thinks that the company will make money as long as it manages to provide great products to consumers.

"OnePlus strives towards making devices that represent good value for money"

He also touched on the fact that OnePlus' devices are becoming more and more expensive. Pete Lau said that the company doesn't strive towards making cheaper devices. Instead, OnePlus strives towards making devices that represent good value for money.


That is pretty much everything of note that was mentioned during this interview. We're not sure if the interviewer tried to get some info on the OnePlus Concept One, but no info has been shared.

As most of you know, the OnePlus Concept One will become OnePlus' first 'concept' phone. That device will become official during CES 2020 next month.

Many people are suggesting that it will be a foldable smartphone, and that's certainly a possibility. In any case, we'll have to wait until next month in order to find out.