OnePlus Teases It Has Something To Show Off At CES 2020

OnePlus Event CES 2020

If you're a fan of OnePlus, the company has something to show you at CES next year. The company's CEO Pete Lau has just recently teased on Twitter that the company will "show something special" to its fans.

Noting that the company will be in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. This tweet was also accompanied by an image that says the company will hold a OnePlus special event.

The invite of sorts also mentions the Las Vegas location, but there's not much more information than that in regards to what the event is for.


It is worth mentioning that this is generally out of the time frame for when OnePlus normally announces phones, so a phone may be the least likely device that will be shown off. That doesn't mean it's impossible though.

The event happens on January 7

Other than the fact that the event is happening, the image along with Pete Lau's tweet shows that the event takes place on January 7, which is the first official day of CES with the opening of the show floor.

It also notes that the event is happening at the Wynn, but there's no specified time. At least for right now. Typically big reveals from most companies happen before the first official day. Usually during the couple of days before which is generally over the weekend.

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Since this is an event at CES which takes place in the US, it's unlikely that OnePlus would be showing off its TV as they haven't announced or confirmed a US launch yet.

Lau has stated that the company is working to bring the TV to North America, but that it wouldn't happen until it's able to establish partnerships with most of the local and regional content providers. This was mentioned in August. That being said, it is possible this could be an announcement for the US launch of the OnePlus TV.

Could it be an entirely new product?

There a fair possibility that whatever OnePlus has to show off at CES this coming year is an entirely new product that hasn't been announced anywhere before.


If that's the case, then what it is is anyone's guess. At this point anything is speculation since OnePlus hasn't hinted at anything other than the event itself. The company may tease more details leading up the event time, which is in just a few weeks.

If the company does end up teasing something else before January 7, it probably won't be too far out from now.