MoneyBall Is A Brain-Training Puzzler With Tournaments, Chat, And More

MoneyBall app image 1

Brain-training is a wholesome way to spend your time, but there aren’t many games that manage to make it genuinely fun.

MoneyBall does, thanks not only to a simple, intuitive, challenging gameplay mechanic but also to a solid multiplayer component, which injects a sense of jeopardy into proceedings and spurs you on to defeat your hapless foes.

In a nutshell, here’s how the game works: at the beginning of each round you’re shown a series of symbols, and you have to enter these symbols before the timer reaches zero.


Each sequence of symbols is random, so you can’t learn them over time, and the symbols are all unique to MoneyBall. On top of all that, you need to recall them in the exact order that they appeared in.

At the end of every completed stage you’ll be rewarded with chips. As long as you’ve joined the Royal Flush Club, these chips buy you access to MoneyBall’s multiplayer hijinks, allowing you to potentially win even more chips (or lose them, of course).

Matches can either be head-to-head against a single player or they can be tournaments against up to three other players at once. Either way, it’s winner-takes-all, so you need to have your wits about you.


You’ve got a choice of modes, too. First up, there’s Survival, which simply challenges you and your opponents to last for as long as possible. Last player standing takes the pot.

And then there’s Speed Game, which gives everybody 25 seconds to memorize a sequence then repeat it as rapidly as they can, with each successful sequence unlocking the next. You’ll be relieved to hear that there’s no penalty for picking the wrong symbols.

MoneyBall is free to download and play, though there’s IAP to access the full game. You can download it right now on iOS, with an Android version due along shortly.