Long-Awaited Pocophone F2 May Finally Arrive Next Year


The Pocophone F2 may finally arrive next year, according to a recent tweet by the Head of Pocophone. Alvin Tse suggested this may happen by tweeting out "You will hear more from POCO in 2020".

The Pocophone F1 (also known as the Poco F1) was announced in August 2018. That phone was released by Xiaomi's sub-brand, while its successor never arrived. It was expected to launch in August this year, but that didn't happen.

The Redmi K20 series was suggested to be rebranded as the Poco F2 series in India, but that did not happen. It seems like Pocophone is working on a brand new flagship for 2020.


The Pocophone F2 probably coming next year

Now, Mr. Tse's statement could be interpreted differently as well, of course. Pocophone may not be planning to release a new flagship phone, but something else entirely.

That is not likely, though. This company has the word 'phone' in its name, and the Pocophone F1 is the only product it released. It is possible that Pocophone is planning on releasing something in addition to the Pocophone F2, but considering the demand for that phone, it will almost certainly launch as well.

There were a couple of leaks regarding the Pocophone F2 this year, but those are most probably fake. What leaked the most is the case for the alleged device.


The Pocophone F1 shipped with the Snapdragon 845 SoC, the best SoC Qualcomm had at the moment. The Pocophone F2 will probably be fueled by the Snapdragon 865, if it arrives next year.

We do not know what will the phone look like, though. The Pocophone F1 had a rather large notch, and was made partially out of polycarbonate. Users actually welcomed that build, so Pocophone may continue to differentiate, and not use glass + metal combo. That will actually save the company some cash as well.

The phone will hopefully include an OLED panel

We're only guessing here, of course. The device may even ship without a notch next year, it may include a display camera hole, or a motorized pop-up camera, we'll see. The Pocophone F2 will probably include a rather large display. Pocophone will hopefully go for an OLED panel this time around.


The Pocophone F2 is expected to include plenty of RAM on the inside as well. The device will include a large battery, and fast charging will be included in the package as well.

Android 10 will probably come pre-installed on the device, if it launches in August 2020. That phone is such a mystery at this point, that we don't even know if Pocophone will stick to its release cycle.

There you have it. The Pocophone F2 may finally arrive next year, even though it's quite a mystery at this point. Rumors and leaks are expected to start popping up in the coming months.