LG Planning To Release A Smartphone Case With A Flexible Display


LG may be planning to release a smartphone case with a flexible display. The company patented such a product quite recently, with WIPO and the Hague International Design System.

This patent was filed way back on June 26 this year, and it has been published on December 27. The patent is entitled "case for mobile phones", and it shows a rather interesting case.

This is not all that surprising, considering LG's past. The company introduced the Dual Screen case for the V50 ThinQ at the beginning of this year. That case got updated for the LG G8x ThinQ.


Smartphone case with a flexible display that LG patented is quite an improvement over the Dual Screen case

Truth be said, this new case that LG patented is a considerable improvement. The company's Dual Screen case comes with a rather noticeable border between the phone's display, and a display that is included with the case.

This case with a flexible display that LG is planning to release, does not include such a border. This is essentially a display that you'd get on a foldable smartphone.

Now, Letsgodigital spotted this patent, and also provided some images of the case that are based on LG's sketches. Letsgodigital actually thinks that this case will be presented at CES 2020 next month, and that's a possibility, for sure.


LG may want to wait until MWC 2020 to release it, though. We'll just have to wait and see what will happen. Considering that this patent got approved a couple of days ago, expecting the product to arrive at CES 2020 may be a stretch.

This flexible display is quite large, it's essentially as large as two large smartphone displays put together, and then some. As you can see, a connector for your smartphone is placed on the side of the case.

This case can be folded right down the middle

You can fold this flexible display right down the middle, as you would a foldable smartphone. So this is basically an external display for your phone, a display that you can put in your pocket when folded.


This is a rather interesting approach by LG, and quite an improvement over the Dual Screen case. It's a completely different approach compared to the competition.

Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola had introduced their foldable smartphones already. LG still has not, instead, the company is focusing on this, it seems. Not that LG isn't planning to release a foldable phone in the future, but it seems like that's not the company's main focus at the moment.

It will be interesting to see this case in action. It is, without a doubt, the most exciting case that we've seen in a long time.