Lenovo Smart Clock Alarm Now More Responsive To The Environment

Lenovo Smart Clock Alarm Ringtone 01

The Lenovo Smart Clock is getting an update that allows for greater alarm customization.

The update started rolling out earlier in the week and therefore is likely to have already arrived on some devices.

Along with the alarm clock upgrade, there’s also some other more general improvements.


A more custom alarm for the Lenovo Smart Clock

The latest update was announced by Google who confirmed the inclusion of a new “Impromptu” feature.

Once updated, Impromptu makes the alarm ringtone more “customized to your environment,” according to Google. In other words, depending on certain factors such as time of day and the weather, the ringtone used for the alarm will vary.

Google says the choice of ringtone is determined by one of its machine learning technologies. Specifically, machine learning technology developed by Google’s Magenta open source project.

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More than just a new ringtone

In addition to the new Impromptu feature, the latest update also includes improvements to some existing features. All of which are said to have come about as a direct result of feedback from users.

For example, there’s an improvement to how long the alarm lasts with the options having now been extended to 60 minutes. Another change is the addition of a music recommendation card which is designed to provide quicker and easier access to playlists. A final, but useful improvement is a greater fine-tuning of the smart clock’s automatic brightness feature.

This latest update follows on from an August one that let’s the smart clock double as a digital photo frame.


The little small clock just keeps getting better

The Lenovo Smart Clock was first announced at CES 2019 and then became available to buy midway through the year.

This is another smart display although its smaller than usual size makes it ideal for small homes or certain rooms within the home, such as the bedroom.

Arguably, it’s more akin to a smart speaker with a display than a smart display. Although however it is classified, it is capable of doing many things thanks thanks to it coming powered by Google Assistant.


With the holiday season now in full swing, Google took today’s announcement to highlight the Lenovo Smart Clock can now be picked up at a cheaper price than usual. For example, the Lenovo Smart Clock is now on sale for $49. That’s down from its usual $79 in the U.S.

The Lenovo Smart Clock can be picked up from a number of online retailers, including Best Buy.