Lenovo May Enter The Gaming Smartphone Market


Lenovo is potentially looking to enter the gaming smartphone market. New details that have been discovered show that Lenovo could have interest in this space, though how far along the company may be in its efforts to penetrate it are unclear.

Based on a new report, Lenovo has created a Weibo (a Chinese social network) account under the Legion brand. Legion is Lenovo's gaming focused brand. Similar to ASUS with Republic of Gamers, or HP's Omen line.

This particular account is said to have a focus on gaming smartphones. And it suggests that the company will use it to promote a future device with the Legion name attached.


A Lenovo gaming smartphone would bring more competition

Lenovo entering this space would be good for the market. There are already a couple of heavy hitters thanks to ASUS and Razer with the ROG Phone II and Razer Phone 2.

But more competition would be a good thing. Other than those two larger gaming brands, consumers have a couple of smaller brands to choose from. Both of which aren't as widely-known or as widely available.

Companies like Black Shark and Nubia, brands which are primarily available in China. Lenovo is a much more global brand and it already has gaming roots thanks to its line of gaming PCs.


And, both ASUS and Razer started with gaming PCs before diving into the gaming smartphone market. So it would only make sense for Lenovo to potentially do the same.

Lenovo hasn't confirmed the existence of a gaming phone yet

So far Lenovo hasn't officially announced that a gaming smartphone is coming. However, the arrival of a Legion-branded social media account focused on gaming phones doesn't exactly state that it's not.

What's more is that is has apparently confirmed that it wants to launch a smartphone with the Snapdragon 855 Plus inside. That particular mobile platform is almost entirely focused on gaming.


It's powering phones like the ROG Phone II, another gaming phone, and with all of its gaming-centric features, it wouldn't make much sense for Lenovo to put it into a smartphone that isn't a gaming smartphone.

If the company does intend to enter the gaming smartphone market, there's no telling when or where it would launch the device. Mobile gaming is much bigger in markets outside the US. With China being one of the larger markets.

There's no doubt that China would be one of the regions the phone would launch if it comes into play.