HTC Planning To Cut Jobs Yet Again, Second Year In A Row

AH 2019 HTC U12 08

HTC is planning to cut jobs yet again. This information comes from Taiwanese media outlets, which claim that the information has been confirmed by the company.

This will mark the second year in a row as HTC is cutting jobs, the company did something similar last year. According to the Taiwan News website, HTC will cut jobs “as part of its realignment strategy aimed at retaining an innovative edge”.

HTC is planning to cut jobs really soon, and it currently has around 3,000 employees

HTC, at the moment, has around 3,000 employees. Details regarding this downsizing have not been revealed, so we do not really know how many people will be fired.


We also do not know what departments will be affected by this move. It is known, however, that those employees that do get fired, will be eligible to receive two months’ salary, as their year-end bonus.

HTC also said that the “workforce adjustment” will take place in order to “ensure better prospects for virtual reality system Vive, and mobile products”.

That does seem like a nice way of saying that the company has to focus on what matters. It’s not exactly a secret that HTC has not been doing well in the last couple of years. So, the company is trying to find a way out, and hopefully grow yet again.


The HTC Vive VR headsets and belonging equipment have been highly praised in the last couple of years. HTC released several iterations of its virtual reality headset, and it does have high hopes for it.

The company will be focusing on ‘Vive’ and ‘Exodus’ products

The company said that the PC-powered headset, Vive Cosmos, and Exodus series of blockchain-based smartphones are some of the products it plans to focus on. This report has been shared by the Taiwanese media as well.

HTC has not been doing well in the smartphone market, and that has been going on for quite some time. This company was once the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but that was a long time ago.


HTC is far from that now, and it will need to reassess its situation in the smartphone market. To make things worse, 2,000 of HTC’s engineers and technical staff moved over to Google last year to work on its Pixel smartphones.

Now, as already mentioned, HTC did cut jobs last year. The company fired around 1,500 people in July of 2018. Before that, the company also cut 2,250 jobs back in 2015.

It remains to be seen how many people will lose their job in the upcoming downsizing. Things are not looking good, though, at all.