Hearthstone Gets A New Solo Adventure In January

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons

Blizzard is getting ready to drop Hearthstone's next expansion, called Descent of Dragons, and it's going to be available to play on December 10.

That's next Tuesday, so you won't have long to wait before you get to dive into the new content. On top of the expansion, Blizzard has announced the next solo adventure for the game.

It's called Galakrond's Awakening and it'll be headed into player hands in January. Blizzard hasn't shared whole lot of details on the adventure yet but it has mentioned a couple of small details.


There will be 35 new cards to collect

The new solo adventure will include 35 new cards that players can get their hands on. Blizzard hasn't said what the cards will be though.

However it is committing to sharing more information on those cards as well as the adventure in the near future. So players should keep an eye out for that. It also sounds like players will have the chance to battle both the League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers.

Though in what capacity is still unclear. What's likely is that the solo adventure will allow players to take on the rolls of a character from either side and things could play out differently.

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Descent of Dragons comes with five legendary Galakrond hero cards

If you can't wait till January to sink your teeth into Galakrond-related gameplay, you won't necessarily have to. The Descent of Dragons expansion will have plenty of that. Including five new legendary Galakrond hero cards to collect.

Each of these cards will be based on one of the five League of E.V.I.L. classes, which are Rogue, Shaman, Priest, Warlock, and Warrior. Naturally each card will also feature unique abilities that are fitting for those classes.

All versions of the card though will have the same defense stat (5), and cost the same amount to place on the board (7). Galakrond can also be upgraded, which increases his battlecry ability, and this can be done three separate times.


The increase to his battlecry is also double each time he's powered up. More importantly players may want to pay attention to using invoke. The new keyword that Descent of Dragons will be introducing.

This will play a role in how you can use the Galakrond card, as each time you use it, there will be a class-specific ability bonus that you gain. Invoking Galakrond will also upgrade from his base form to his ultimate form.

New side quests and additional dragon cards

In the expansion there will be additional legendary dragon cards to collect, such as Corrosive Breath and Lightning Breath.


There will also be new side quests to undertake as the League of Explorers. There will also be login bonuses for players who jump into the game within 90 days of the expansions launch.

This will come in the form of three Descent of Dragons card packs. To acquire these you will need to login only once. You don't even have to play afterwards.