Google Teams Up With USO & Sends Free Nest Hubs To Service Members


If you're part of a military family then you likely know how hard it can be to be away from your loved ones for an extended period of time. One thing that can help make this time easier is photos.

This is part of Google's reason for partnering up with the USO and giving free Nest Hubs to service members. As part of the partnership, Google is giving thousands of Nest Hubs to the United Services Organization, which will then distribute them to members of the military.

It's Google's way of supporting the troops. But it's also a way to make sure that even if familiar are apart from each other, they have a way to still feel like they're not.


Helping families stay connected during the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner but not everyone is able to spend this time with their families. There are around 200,000 military families that will spend the holidays away from each other and this can be a challenging time for them.

Google is sending these Nest Hubs out to service members because it believes in the power of photos and how they can help make situations like this more bearable.

Google put together a video that showcases the way that people used photos to stay connected with their families that were deployed. And for many of the families that spend the holidays apart looking at photos of each other helps to relive amazing happy memories.


With the Nest Hub, not only can you easily access all of the photos in Google Photos, both new and old, but the device can also be used for things like video chat. So when time allows, it can provide a more enjoyable experience in the event of a video call compared to the smaller screen of a smartphone.

Photo frames feature in Google Photos can be managed by family members

While the USO send these Nest Hubs out to service members, the photo frame itself can be managed by members of the family.

A new feature inside Google Photos lets you select a photo frame and what albums will be displayed on that frame. And with shared Partner accounts it's extremely easy to make sure that military family members who can't spend time at home can still stay up to date on the latest moments captured on camera.


These in turn can be viewed on the Nest Hub as long as it has an internet connection and is able to update that album. Spending time apart isn't always easy, but with the Nest Hub it can beĀ easier.