Google Has Launched Stadia Achievements For Web & Chromecast Ultra


Google has launched yet another feature for the Stadia platform, with achievements now being accessible from both the web and Chromecast Ultra versions of the service.

You'll see any achievements that you obtain through gameplay as you acquire them, but you can also now view them after the fact.

The list is pretty straightforward too, and shows you every game you have any achievements for. Should you want to take a deep dive you can click on each game to see just the ones for that particular title.


Stadia achievements haven't launched for phones yet

Unfortunately the achievements functions is not yet available for phones. Google hasn't said anything about when exactly it'll launch, but a response from Stadia on its official twitter says it's coming "down the road."

That doesn't give you much of a time frame on when you'll be able to view them. In fact it's about as vague as it gets.

Even if Pixel phones are the main way you play games though, you can still view the achievements elsewhere. The good news is that they're now available and that's the important thing.


Achievements is a feature that Google advertised would be available for the platform when it first announced it. It didn't announce that achievements would be available at launch. But, users likely just assumed it would be a launch feature.

Google later confirmed that they wouldn't be coming till later. Now a month after the launch, here they are. And to be honest, a month wait for achievements really isn't that bad.

You can view friends achievements too

If you have any friends on Stadia you can view their achievements too. Not just your own.


Getting to your friends achievements is accessed in the same way as well. To get to yours or you friends achievements, simply click on the "friends" icon at the top of the page.

Once you click on your friends icon, either click on your own profile or click on the friend you want to view. Then click on the achievements option that shows up right under "invite to party."

All the games owned by you or the friend you clicked on that support achievements will be listed. And you can see how many you've obtained out of the ones that each game offers.


Some games will obviously have more than others, and some will also offer secret achievements that you will need to discover. If you like to hunt achievements in games, you now have more of a reason to play games on Stadia.