Google Santa Tracker App Gets 'Elf Maker', Redesigned Village & More


Google has updated its Google Santa Tracker application for 2019. This app becomes quite popular every year in December, and Google makes sure that it adds new content every year. That’s exactly what happened this year as well.

The company has added some new features to the app, updated its game content, and more. You can once again explore Santa’s village in this app, and that village has now been redesigned for 2019.

‘Elf Maker’ is now available in Google’s Santa Tracker app

That is not all, though. Google has added the ‘Elf Maker’ feature to the Santa Tracker app. This feature allows you to create your own elf, but for whatever reason, it’s not working for us at the moment. We were completely unable to load it, it just brings up an error, and that’s that. Maybe you’ll have more luck.


The app also uses less space now, which is always a welcomed addition. Google also polished this application a bit more, so that it runs faster than ever before.

Those of you who are into stickers, you can get your hands on a brand new Gboard sticker pack for Christmas.

Now, there are more ways than one to access Google’s Santa Tracker. In addition to this app, you can access it via the website as well.


Google Assistant is a part of the story as well. You can simply say “Hey Google, what’s new at the North Pole?”, and you’ll get a daily newscast from Google’s chief Elf correspondent.

Speaking of Google Assistant, you can also ask it to provide you with a Santa joke, or tell him to call Santa. Do note that the ‘call Santa’ feature is not available in all regions, though.

As per usual, this app is filled with various games. These games are meant to keep you occupied, and get some holiday spirit on your device, while you’re waiting for Santa to arrive.


There are quite a few games available in this app

Various different games are available, including Gumball, Memory, Rocket Sleigh, Dasher Dancer, City Quiz, North Pole Airport, Gift Slingshot, Code Boogie, Penguin Dash, and more. Google really did include quite a few games in this app.

There is a rather noticeable countdown until Santa’s takeoff. You’ll notice that countdown the moment you open the Santa Tracker app, as it’s right and center on the landing page, along with the new ‘Elf Maker’ feature.

Once December 24th comes knockin’, you’ll be able to see where Santa and the reindeer are delivering presents, as they journey all around the world.


Google Santa Tracker (Google Play Store)