Owners Of Older Pixel Phones Can Now Download Google’s Recorder App

Google Pixel 4 Recorder App 1

Google’s Recorder Android app is now available to download on more devices.

The Recorder app does more than just record, it can also transcribe.

With the latest update through the Google Play Store, the app is now compatible with more Google Pixel smartphones.


Recorder app expansion helps, but not a lot

Google launched its new Recorder app back in October at the same time it debuted its latest smartphones, the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

At the time, those Pixel 4 devices were the only ones that had access to the app. It was a Google Pixel 4 exclusive app.

Now, Google has widened the availability, albeit only slightly. The Recorder app is now available to download on the Google Pixel 2, 3, and 3a models.

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While this mostly accounts for all of the Google Pixel line, it does leave owners of the original Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones out in the cold.

Likewise, there’s still no word on when, or even if, owners of non-Pixel phones will also gain access to the app.

Google has not confirmed a widening of the app’s compatibility yet. It has simply updated the app recently and since then it is showing as now compatible with the additional Pixel phones.


What’s so good about the Recorder app?

In principle, Google’s Recorder app is just that – a recording app. Therefore, at a basic level you can simply record audio just like you would with any other recorder Android app.

You can also share your recordings with other people fairly easily too.

However, with this being a Google app it is also smarter than your average app and that’s where its real selling points come in.


Arguably, its biggest selling point is the app’s ability to transcribe audio. The app is able to do this transcribing automatically, and on top of that, you can also search through the transcripts for specific content.

In other words, the recorder app lets you search through your audio recordings, and that’s a handy feature to have.

Another of its smarts is that it is able to identify what the audio is and label the recording, accordingly. Again, it can do this automatically. The benefit here is that it should be easier for users to locate a specific audio clip without having to manually rename the file or search through a selection of unnamed audio files.


Owners of a Google Pixel phone, other than the original Pixels, can now download Google's Recorder app for free from the Google Play Store.