Google Assistant List Management Feature Rolling Out Today


Earlier this morning Google announced a handful of updates coming to Google Assistant (such as new Dunkin' Donuts ordering), all of which are starting to roll out today to users across platforms.

One of those new features is the ability to manage your lists and notes. The functionality works with multiple apps too, including Google Keep,, AnyList, and Bring.

This also works with just about any device where Google Assistant is available, meaning smartphones, smart speakers like the Google Home and Nest Home Mini products, and even smart displays like the Nest Hub Max.


In fact the Nest Hub Max might be where it's most useful if you're using it from something other than your phone. Since you can see the updated notes or lists on the screen.

Google Assistant could create lists before

You could use Google Assistant to create lists before. Like shopping lists for example. Those lists were self-contained with the Google app though. So if you typically use a different app to create and manage lists, Assistant had no access or integration.

It may not still, depending on which app you use for making lists and taking notes. If you don't use one of the above ones, though, this might be a good reason to switch to one of them.


You can ask Google to do numerous things regarding this new function too, provided you say the wake word first like with every other command.

There's a tiny bit of setup involved

Google Assistant won't just automatically know which app to create or manage lists or notes for. There will be a tiny bit of setup and you will basically need to tell it where to go.

The good news is that after you complete that step once you won't have to do it again. To get started, open the Google app, tap the three-dot button in the bottom navigation bar, and tap settings.


From settings, tap on the Google Assistant option and select Services, then Notes and Lists. If you don't see this option then the update functionality likely hasn't rolled out to your device yet.

If it is there, tap on that and then just select the app that you use for creating and managing your notes and lists. This will connect Google Assistant to it and any list or note you need to manage or create in the future will be from that app.

You can still access the older notes and lists too, but these will stay in the Google app like before.