Get Your Daily Dose Of Dunkin' Donuts Through Google Assistant


America runs on Dunkin', and now Dunkin' runs on Google Assistant. So to speak. A new update pushed out to Google Assistant today has seen a list of new features that you can use the technology for.

One of the more notable ones is the ability for you to order donuts, coffee, and other items from Dunkin' Donuts using just your voice.

You do have to have the Dunkin' Donuts app installed on your phone, but beyond that all you really need to do is know what you want and ask Google to order it for you. It's that simple, and then soon after you'll be sipping on coffee, maple bar in-hand. Or whatever donuts you prefer.


This is not the same as the mobile order integration

Using Google Assistant to get to Dunkin' Donuts is nothing new. Mobile order integration was added in March of 2018. What seems to be new is the ability to have Google start the order for you.

Also worth noting though is that this only seems to start the order and doesn't allow Google to handle the whole process. If you say something like "place an order from Dunkin'" all that happens is Google opens the app and goes straight to the menu.

Now, if you say "Hey Google, order a latte from Dunkin" it opens to the order page of that particular item. Google notes this as being a new feature available in its recent blog post.


Google added other new beneficial uses too

In addition to the new Dunkin' ordering, Google Assistant also now allows you to listen to podcasts by topic.

With this feature you can ask Google about podcasts surrounding a certain topic and it'll actually recommend different shows or episodes for you to check out. This should cut some time out of your day as you won't have to search for relevant podcasts yourself.

Simply let Google do the legwork for you. Google Assistant also now lets you assign reminders to housemates. If you live with roommates or other family members, you can make sure to let them know that it's their turn to grab the garbage bags or other shared items.


Or to refill the water filter pitcher that no one else seems to remember to do. This feature won't do you much good if you live alone, but it should be very useful to anyone who shared responsibilities with others in the same home.