Gameloft Gets Into Cloud Gaming With Blacknut


Cloud gaming is on the horizon and is going through an ever-expanding transition, with services like Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Shadow, and Microsoft's xCloud already available. Now Gameloft is entering the cloud gaming space.

Gameloft, one of the largest mobile game publishers, has partnered with a company called Blacknut to deliver a cloud gaming solution. The service is not being sold to consumers straight from the two companies.

Rather, it'll be distributed by Gameloft to carriers and manufacturers who wish to offer a cloud gaming service to their own customers. It will however be operated by Gameloft and run on Blacknut's technology which is already up and running.


Blacknut's cloud gaming service is subscription-based, and this solution will be too

Similar to what xCloud is likely to become, the cloud gaming service that Blacknut offers is subscription-based.

Unlike subscription services like Stadia though, where you buy your games a la carte, Blacknut gives you access to a wide library of games for a monthly fee. Gameloft says that the service it wants to put in the hands of carriers and manufacturers will be the same.

This would give customers of those companies the ability to stream any games from the included library they want for the set monthly price. Gameloft doesn't mention however what the prices may be.


Presumably, since the service is being sold as a solution for carriers and manufacturers to distribute, any companies which pick it up would potentially set their own pricing.

A mix of old and more recent games across genres

Gameloft hasn't talked much about the game library yet, at least in specifics when it comes to the vast majority of what will be on offer.

It does give a peek though and confirms that Asphalt 9: Legends will be part of the lineup. In addition to Asphalt 9: Legends, there will be games coming from other award-winning publishers. There will be over 360 games available as well.


Although Gameloft doesn't mention any other games besides one of its own, it does state that the library of games for the service will include some coming from Blacknut. If you navigate over to the Blacknut website you'll find a mix of some slightly newer and older games.

Such s Aragami, RYSE: Son of Rome, Lords of the Fallen, Techromancer and more. It can be expected that some of or all of those games will be available in the cloud gaming solution that Gameloft will be offering to carriers and manufacturers.