Galaxy S10e Will Not Get A Direct Successor After All: Tipster


It seems like Samsung is getting ready to ditch its budget flagship series. Ice Universe says that the Galaxy S10e will not get a direct successor. As a side note, that very same tipster reconfirmed that the company’s upcoming flagship series will carry the Galaxy S20 name, not the S11.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S20 will be released instead of the Galaxy S11e, while the Galaxy S20+ will replace what should have been the Galaxy S11. That means that the Galaxy S10e will not get a direct successor, unfortunately.

Wait, aren’t there supposed to be three devices? Yes, and it seems like the Galaxy S20 Ultra is coming instead of the Galaxy S11+. So, most rumors that you’ve seen lately for the Galaxy S11 series are accurate, except their naming.


The Galaxy S11e not coming, leaving the Galaxy S10e without a direct successor

As things stand at the moment, the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are coming. It is worth noting that the Galaxy S20 Ultra name has not been confirmed. The device will launch, but it may carry a different name, the Galaxy S20 Pro maybe, or something of the sort.

This is not all that surprising, to be quite honest. When display sizes for the upcoming Galaxy S20 series surfaced, that info was quite odd. The Galaxy S10e featured a compact 5.8-inch display, and a flat display.

The most affordable Galaxy S20 unit will include a curved display, and it will be quite large at 6.4 inches. So, the Galaxy S20 is expected to feature a 6.4-inch display, the Galaxy S20+ will sport a 6.7-inch panel, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra is said to ship with a 6.9-inch display.


We’re guessing that the Galaxy S20 will not be as affordable as the Galaxy S10e was. That essentially means that the company is looking to ditch its affordable flagship series completely, after only one device.

This is a rather odd move by Samsung, mainly because people loved the Galaxy S10e. That device was highly praised by both users and reviewers, so this move seems to be rather odd.

Instead of releasing the Galaxy S20e, and giving people what they want, Samsung seems to have opted to ditch the series completely. Not only that, but it seems like we won’t get a Galaxy S20 flagship with a flat display at all.


The Galaxy S20 series coming in February, prior to MWC 2020

The Galaxy S20 series is expected to arrive in February, both February 11 and 18 were mentioned thus far. It will arrive on one of those dates for sure, but we don’t know which one, not yet.

Along with the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung is expected to announce its clamshell foldable smartphone. That device may be called the Galaxy Fold 2, and it will fold vertically.

There you have it. February will be quite an interesting month for the company, as many of its high-end devices will arrive before MWC 2020.