Galaxy Fold Successor Expected To Sport 108MP Sensor And 5x Optical Zoom Lens

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The Galaxy Fold successor will apparently have some of the same camera features that are expected on the Galaxy S11. The report comes from Bloomberg, which got the scoop from some people privy to the matter.

Samsung hasn’t been able to keep up with Apple and Google in recent times in terms of cameras. That’s supposedly why the chaebol will introduce some drastic changes next year. Notable expected upgrades include a 108MP sensor and 5x optical zoom lens.

The 108MP Sensor Will Likely Not Be The Same As The One Used By Xiaomi

According to some reports, the 108MP camera will not be the same one that Samsung co-developed with Xiaomi. Instead, it will be an improved version of that module. And as such, we can expect it to produce better images than the Mi CC9 Pro. Of course, as Google has demonstrated, the software is also a big part of the equation. Thus, Samsung will have to ensure that it gets the best out of the high-resolution sensor.


5x optical zoom is nothing new on the market. However, for Samsung, it will be a big deal as its current flagships offer 2x zoom. Earlier, these features were expected to be a part of the Galaxy S11. However, the new report says that the Galaxy Fold successor will also get the rumored 108MP camera and 5x optical zoom. And since the Galaxy Fold will presumably be underpinned by the same chipset as the Galaxy S11, we can expect the phone to support 8K video recording too.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say much about the Galaxy Fold successor camera. It is not clear if it will have the same rumored five-camera setup as the Galaxy S11.

Galaxy Fold Successor Will Cost Around $1000 Per Reports

The Galaxy Fold successor has already been teased by Samsung. It will have a clamshell design, like the Motorola Razr. Samsung is apparently torn between a 6.7-inch and an 8.1-inch inner display. Logic dictates that an 8.1-inch screen will not look aesthetically pleasing in a flip-phone. On the other hand, the main advantage of the foldable form factor is that it can be folded out in tablet-style. So, we will have to wait and see which screen size the South Korean giant settles on.

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According to a recent trademark application, the Galaxy Fold 2 might feature a concealed hinge. Only time will tell if the new hinge design will also allow the phone to fold flat like the Razr.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold successor at the same time as the Galaxy S11 series. This means that we can look forward to a February 2020 unveiling. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which had a price tag of $1,980, the new foldable handset is expected to be relatively more affordable. Due to the smaller area of the bendable display and the reduction in the cost of production, the phone is tipped to retail for nearly $840 in South Korean and $1000 internationally.

Samsung is apparently planning to ship 6 million foldable phones in 2020. This will not be easy unless the product is accessible. A comparatively lower price tag coupled with a sturdier hinge and a beast of a camera system can make the Galaxy Fold 2 a success.