Galaxy Fold Sales Didn't Really Touch The Million Mark


Samsung has now clarified that the Galaxy Fold sales haven't reached one million units. The statement comes from a company spokesman who refutes a statement made earlier by Samsung Electronics President Sohn Young-kwon.

The executive had said that one million units have been shipped globally since Galaxy Fold's release in September. These remarks were made at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. This figure is twice the estimates made by analysts.

It turns out that Sohn probably confused the South Korean giant's initial sales target for 2019 with sales figures. The actual sales figures have still not been revealed. However, what we do know now is that the Galaxy Fold sales didn't touch the one million mark and it's hardly surprising.


The Galaxy Fold is undoubtedly an innovative device. However, Samsung launched it prematurely. Many publications reported that their review unit didn't last long. So, the phone got a lot of bad press. As a result, its release was postponed.

Samsung took that time to make some changes to its foldable phone. And when the phone was re-launched, it came with a boatload of instructions about how to handle it. And despite the negative publicity, the price remained the same at $1,980.

Needless to say, that price is prohibitive. And we assume that many deep-pocketed early adopters were also scared away by the initial debacle. Thus, 1 million units is a pretty ambitious figure and it's not surprising to see that Samsung wasn't able to reach this milestone.


Next year, Samsung is apparently planning to sell 6 million foldable phones. The company is once again aiming high, as industry watchers expect foldable sales to reach 5 million at maximum. Apparently, the South Korean giant thinks that it can beat analyst estimates.

The chaebol is reportedly planning to reveal two foldable phones next year. The first one will have a clamshell design and has already been teased by the vendor.

It will supposedly have some of the highly awaited Galaxy S11 camera features, such as a 108MP sensor and 5x optical zoom. On top of that, the phone is actually expected to cost less than the Galaxy Fold. Additionally, it's also tipped to feature a new hinge, which we presume will make it more durable.


Other than that, the bendable device is also speculated to come with new display technology. Basically, it is rumored to come with an Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG layer which will make the display less susceptible to damage. Since this isn't a plastic covering, it will likely be more scratch-resistant.

However, UTG is a nascent technology which means it is quite expensive. How Samsung will be able to keep the price of its upcoming foldable down while packing in things such as a high-resolution sensor, greater zoom, and a new screen technology remains to be seen.

There aren't that many players in the foldable smartphone market right now and Samsung seemingly wants to cash in on this opportunity by establishing its dominance.


Sure, devices have been teased and leaked, but a few have actually been released. Churning out a sturdier, more affordable device can help Samsung attract a lot of customers.