Exclusive: This Is The LG Neon Plus & It's Coming To AT&T

lg neon plus AH 1

This is the LG Neon Plus, and it's heading to AT&T.

It looks to be a budget smartphone from LG, though our source did not provide us with all of the specs of the Neon Plus. So there are still some questions that need to be answered here.

This is the first LG "Neon" that will be an Android smartphone

LG has used the name "Neon" before for a couple of its phones. But those were not Android smartphones. Either flip phones or sliders that used a very simple operating system at the time – which were also only available on AT&T. Given that, it makes sense that the new Neon Plus is also going to be available on AT&T.


The last LG Neon came out over ten years ago. But it looks like now is the time that AT&T and LG want to run back to that well and use the "Neon" name.

Another decent budget offering for AT&T

While this is a budget smartphone, it doesn't appear to be all that terrible. Many people hear "budget" phones and immediately associate it with a terrible smartphone that's going to give them a terrible experience. But that doesn't seem be the case with the LG Neon Plus.

Externally, it has a Google Assistant button on the left side below the volume rocker. This is similar to what LG has been doing on its more high-end smartphones. It charges via micro USB, and has a headphone jack. So there's some good and some bad news here. The micro USB charging port is definitely quite old, but the good thing is the majority of us likely still have many micro USB cables laying around. And keeping the headphone jack is a great thing.

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LG has outfitted the Neon Plus with a 8-megapixel camera on the back, with a flash. It's a single camera around back. With a 5-megapixel camera around the front.

Best of all, the LG Neon Plus does not have a notch. This does result in slightly larger bezels though, but many would prefer that over a notch. The display looks to be 18:9 aspect ratio. So it's tall, but not crazy tall like some of Sony's smartphones.

There are still plenty of unknowns

At this time, there are still plenty of aspects of the LG Neon Plus that AndroidHeadlines is unable to confirm. That includes the screen size, processor, RAM, storage as well as pricing and availability.


The display on the LG Neon Plus in this picture does show an August 1 date. Typically the date on the phone is the date that the phone will be released. But that's unlikely to be the case here. Usually these renders are one of the last things that is done before a phone is released. So it's more likely to be announced at CES in January and released shortly thereafter.

Launching at CES does sound likely for the LG Neon Plus. Seeing as LG does typically launch budget and mid-range smartphones at CES and releases their premium, high-end devices at Mobile World Congress in February.