The Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Are Back To Their Black Friday Price


The Beats Studio 3 are somewhat new, and right now they are back down to their Black Friday price of just $199. That's an incredible $150 off of their regular price.

This is pretty noteworthy since Beats products don't generally drop in price all that often. So seeing these drop by $150 is pretty insane.

The Beats Studio 3 are a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. And they are going to make a really great gift this holiday season for those that are looking for a pair of headphones to use without a dongle, for their phone.


Beats Studio 3 are around ear headphones, so they do a good job at blocking out noise anyways. It also has pure adaptive noise cancellation that will actively block external noise.

It sports real-time audio calibration which preserves a premium listening experience.

As far as battery life goes, we're looking at 22 hours of continuous playback. So you'll be able to listen all day long. It sports Fast Fuel, which gives you about three hours of playback when you charge it for around 10 minutes.


Now that Beats are owned by Apple, it has the Apple W1 chip inside. This makes it super simple to connect to your iPhone. But for those without an iPhone these still work really well, since it does use Bluetooth.

There is a microphone inside the Beats Studio 3 headphones, allowing you to talk to Siri. But also make and receive phone calls. Of course, if you don't have an iPhone, then you won't be able to use Siri or any other digital assistant.

Finally, these sport very soft over-ear cushions which extend the comfort of the Beats Studio 3.


You can pick up the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones today from Best Buy by clicking here. This $199 price tag won't last long, so you'll want to grab them before they are gone.

Beats Studio 3 - Best Buy - $199