Darksiders Genesis Is Absolutely Worth The $40 Price On Stadia: Opinion

Darksiders Genesis Art

Full disclosure, Google provided me with the code to add the game to my Stadia library. So I didn’t actually have to buy it. That being said, my statement in the title still stands.

Because after having played the game, I would have no regrets about having paid $40 for it if I had to. As I’m in full belief that it is worth the $40. I’m also only about 30 minutes into the game and have so far spent most of my time exploring to complete the initial few side quests you’re given before progressing too far.

That being said, this is still the most fun I’ve had on Stadia since launch. I personally love a good isometric hack-and-slash game and the combat in Darksiders games was already so, so satisfying. Now that it has that top-down isometric view, I was eager to dive right in.


Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion, and not everyone will feel the same as I feel. And that’s ok. I love this style of game, and was already leaning towards purchasing the title. Because of that, all it took to win me over even at a higher price was a little bit of game time.

What it comes down to, is that Darksiders Genesis is extremely fun. So no matter where you grab it (PC or Stadia), you’ll probably enjoy this romp through the game’s locales while you hunt down and destroy demons as the at times hilarious duo of Strife and War.

Paying the extra $10 is all about perspective

Personally, I think if you don’t want to pay the additional $10 it costs on Stadia to grab this game, then you shouldn’t. All that will likely result in is a skewed view of the game and how fun it actually is to play.


Quite simply because you’d be going into the experience with an already-negative perspective for having to pay more money via the Stadia platform. If this is how you feel, but still want the game, then you should probably buy it on Steam or some other PC store.

After all games are meant to be fun and you will likely have more fun from the start if you feel the game is worth what you’re spending. Having said that, you may want to just give it a try on Stadia and see how things go.

Stadia does give you a refund window so long as it’s within a certain amount of time. And 2 hours of game time is more than enough to decide whether you should keep the game.


Which means if you do buy it on Stadia and love it, you might just decide to keep it because you feel how I feel. That the $40 asking price is fair based on the value of enjoying yourself while playing.

It’s all about perspective. And if your perspective is that you feel slighted based on paying a little more for the same product, then it’s already off to a bad start.

If your perspective is to try the game and see if you mind that you spent an extra $10, then you’ll probably enjoy every moment spent playing.


Also worth remembering is that it costs the same on Stadia as it does on consoles. The game hasn’t released for consoles yet, but every major retailer already has the game listed, and it costs $39.99.

Smooth, intuitive controls make the game easy to play

While this isn’t intended as a full review of the game in any way, I did find that it was a good idea to talk about how the game’s controls work.

For me, they seem to function really well. I have not experienced any input lag with this particular title so far. The controls are also intuitive and easy to use and feel pretty smooth.


So overall that translates to more enjoyment during gameplay and makes the game easy to play. That is not to be confused with the game is “easy,” as there will still surely be some challenging moments.

Granted you might have a different experience than me. And especially so if you don’t use the Stadia controller, or at least controller. The game can be played with a mouse and keyboard, but I personally found it sort of clunky.

In short, using a controller is strongly recommended. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Stadia controller, but a controller in general will probably lead to a better experience.


Overall, early impressions of this game have been pretty great. It didn’t take long to suck me in and it has held my attention well. If you’re thinking about buying this game on Stadia, or if you’re still on the fence, pick it up and give it a try. You can always utilize the refund.