Borderlands 3 And Two Other Games Come To Stadia Starting Today

Stadia Controller 1

Stadia is getting a couple more games for the holidays, and really this is perfect timing as players have been asking for one of them since launch, specifically Borderlands 3.

The latest installment in the looter shooter franchise is now available to purchase from the Stadia store. But if making the game available wasn’t enough, it’s also available with a Pro member discount.

In fact, two of the games will be available at a sale price for a limited time. Borderlands 3 is joined today by Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Tomorrow Stadia will also be getting Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint come at a discount

Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn’t available till tomorrow, but it will still be on sale. When it comes to the prices, there are three versions available too.

For starters, you can pick up the standard version for $30. There will also be Gold and Ultimate editions available for $50 and $60 respectively. These prices are all at a 50-percent discount. So that means when the sale is over, expect to pay $60, $100, and $120 for these versions.

Borderlands 3 meanwhile is available in three versions as well. This includes the Standard, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe editions. You can grab the Standard right now for $39, the Deluxe for $52, and the Super Deluxe for $78.


Both the Standard and Deluxe versions are 35-percent off. While the Super Deluxe is 22-percent off. This means they won’t be nearly as much as the comparable versions of GR:BP.

No sale on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

While Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint are on sale, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is not.

It is available to pick up today, but you’ll need to pay $50 if you want to scoop it up. Even at regular price though players are in for a treat as the Xenoverse games take on more of a role playing game type.


Usually Dragon Ball games are fighting games, so this might be a nice break from the norm for some.

The sales won’t last forever

Most Stadia users know it at this point, but the sales won’t be around forever. Pro members do get discounts on games, but they’re limited time discounts.

For Borderlands 3, the sale prices are available until January 8 of 2020. So you have a couple more weeks to grab it at the discount. Although Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available yet and isn’t showing in the store, the sale time frame is likely the same.


The point being, if you’ve been looking for a game to keep you busy over the holidays next week, grab one of the two sale titles while you can.