Black Desert Mobile Now Ranked Top RPG Game On Android

Black Desert Mobile

Popular MMO Black Desert Online’s phone version, Black Desert Mobile, is now ranked the number one RPG on Android.

The day of its initial launch, which was earlier this month on December 11, it was even ranked number one in the Top Free Games category on Google Play.

What’s more is it was at the same spot on iOS, and is currently the top RPG on that platform as well. It’s no longer the number one game in the top free category on Android. As it’s dropped quite a few spots down to number 31.


Still, that’s fairly high up considering the number of free games on the platform.

Black Desert Mobile is still ranked highly

As noted, the game is still ranked highly on both the top free games list and in the RPG category.

31 may not be the same as 1, but if you open the Play Store app and scroll through Top Free Games, you will keep scrolling until you reach 500. So the game is still doing well and seems to be loved by players.


Developed by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Mobile offers many of the same great features as the PC and Console version. It delivers rich graphics, adjustable visual settings, and more.

One of its claims to fame is its extremely deep character creator. You do only get to choose from five different classes right now. That’s not the meaty part though. Once you pick your class you can tweak just about every detail of your character.

Right down to the body type and height. You can drag virtual sliders on more than ten different parts of the body as well. Letting you customize your character to come with a truly unique shape and look. You can also adjust hair and eye color, skin luminescence and more.


Outside of the US it’s doing even better

Black Desert Mobile is doing even better outside of the US. It’s currently the number one free game on Google Play in Russia. It’s also extremely popular in France and Germany. Ranking number two and number three in that same category respectively.

Overall the game is popular with players globally. Having launched in more than 150 countries. And it’s easy to see why. For one it already has a huge following in its original form.

It’s also pretty to look at, and has loads of story-rich quests to keep you busy. On top of all that, the combat is just deep and complex. Each class seems to have a large list of skills and abilities you can acquire over the course of your leveling.


If you enjoy MMO games and have been looking for a really good one to play on your phone, Black Desert Mobile is it.