Black Desert Mobile Launches On Android, Servers Live In 2 Days

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is finally available on Android as Pearl Abyss, the company behind the game, has launched the title and made it available for download.

The game servers are not yet live though, and players will only be able to start the game setup.

Essentially you can choose a “Family Name,” select the appropriate server you want to play the game on, then create your character. With the servers not yet live, you won’t be able to actually play. The good news is the servers go live very soon.


Black Desert Mobile servers go live December 11

The official live time for the game servers is December 11. So it’ll only be a couple more days before players can sink their teeth into this mobile adaption of the popular PC MMO.

As for an exact time, servers should open up at 12AM PST on December 11. By attempting to log into the game after the character creation is finished, an alert with a countdown says the “Adventure Begins on December 11 at UTC-8.”

The time remaining is also listed with just about 36 hours to go at the time of this writing. Even though you can’t actually play, you may want to get a jump start on things.


Choosing the all-important name before it’s not available

If you’ve ever played any MMO before, regardless of platform, or games on any platform in general, you know how important it can be to some players to get the name they want.

Stadia players who didn’t get their Founders bundle codes on time are all-too familiar with not setting things up early. Granted, this was out of their control and not technically the same thing.

Since you can create your character for Black Desert Mobile as part of the pre-download period, you can choose your Family Name. This is essentially your character’s “last name” within the game world.


You also can’t choose one that’s already been selected by another player. So that’s why downloading the game now and creating your character right away might be a good idea. If you care about having a unique name and want to ensure that you get it before someone else.

Black Desert Mobile looks to be a rich, visually stunning action MMO for mobile. It offers extremely high-fidelity graphics for a mobile game, and lets you choose from five different classes. It’s also extremely open-world, free-to-play, and should allow for quite a time investment.