Best Last Minute Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – 2020

tile pro

It’s getting to be that time of the year. The time where you have almost everyone on your list taken care of, but there’s just a couple of people left that you might have forgotten about. And that’s where our “Best Last Minute Gifts” gift guide comes into play.

These are the best last minute gifts that you can buy right now. Remember that the last day to order from Amazon and for it to arrive in time for Christmas, will be December 23. So there’s not a lot of time left! Most of these gifts are relatively inexpensive too, making them great for some Secret Santa Gift Exchanges.

Sonos One (Gen 2)$169Amazon
Wemo Smart Plug Mini$25Amazon
Roku Premiere$29Amazon
Bose SoundLink Micro$69Amazon
Nest Hub Max$229Best Buy
Gift CardsFrom $5Amazon
Roborock S6$549Amazon
Tile Pro (2-Pack)$49Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock$35Amazon

Sonos One (Gen 2)

sonos one


For anyone that’s a music lover, the new Sonos One is going to be a perfect gift. Sonos is great at providing you with some really incredible sounding audio. And then you mix in the multi-room audio feature that Sonos is known for, and it becomes the perfect gift. Allowing you to sync up multiple Sonos One speakers together and play throughout the house.

The Sonos One (Gen 2) is also a smart speaker. It has both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to choose whichever assistant you’d prefer to use on the Sonos One. It’s all available in the app.

It’s basically like an Amazon Echo or Google Home, but on steroids, when it comes to the sound quality.


Sonos One (Gen 2) - Amazon - $169

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

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This is actually the perfect gift for a Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s inexpensive and something that everyone will love.


The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is a really awesome gift because it can make just about anything, smart. Whatever you plug into the Wemo Mini Smart Plug can then be controlled with your smartphone. Now there’s not a whole lot of functionality here, but you do have the ability to turn it on and off. As well as set up a schedule for when it turns on and/or off.

On top of that, it also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for some great voice control.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug - Amazon - $25


Roku Premiere

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The Roku Premiere is a pretty small set-top box that makes your TV smart. The Premiere is capable of playing content in 4K and HDR, so you’re going to get a really great looking picture out of this set-top box.

It runs on the Roku platform, so you’re getting all of the best apps and games that are available on Roku. Including Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, Hulu and much more.


Roku also supports Chromecast, AirPlay 2, as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So it literally supports everything that you can imagine.

Roku Premiere - Amazon - $29

Bose SoundLink Micro

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Talk about small Bluetooth speakers. The Bose SoundLink Micro fits that to a T. It’s a tiny Bluetooth speaker, but you might be surprised at just how good it actually sounds.

The Bose SoundLink Micro puts out quite a bit of sound. With some really good bass, and crystal clear mids and highs. Battery life isn’t as great as you might have expected, due to the audio being so good. We’re looking at about six hours on a single charge here. That’s not too bad though. That is enough to get through a party or get-together with friends.

Finally, the Bose SoundLink Micro is also water-resistant. You can toss it in a pool and not worry about it dying.


Bose SoundLink Micro - Amazon - $69

Nest Hub Max

google nest hub max AH

If you have someone on your list that is a Google Assistant and possibly a Nest user, then the Nest Hub Max is the smart display to get them.

This is a brand new smart display from Google, now under the Nest name. It has a 10.1-inch display and has a Nest Cam above the display. That Nest Cam does some pretty cool stuff, like allowing you to record what’s going on at home when you’re not home – it can be turned off when you are home. It also allows for facial recognition. So if you have a family living in your home, when your wife says “Call Mom” it’ll call her Mom and not yours.

As a smart display, it does some really cool things. Allowing you to control all of your smart home products by touching the screen or talking to Google Assistant. As well as being able to watch content on YouTube. It also works as a pretty large photo frame.

Nest Hub Max - Best Buy - $229

Gift Cards

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For those of you that are really late in getting gifts for someone on your list, a Gift Card is a really great idea.

That’s because you can give someone a $50 gift card and allow them to buy whatever they want to get themselves. Then you won’t need to worry about whether they like it or not. Because they picked it out.

Amazon has gift cards for just about everywhere. Of course an Amazon.com gift card is definitely a favorite of most people. There are also gift cards for Starbucks, McDonalds, Best Buy, Uber, Google Play and much more available. In amounts of up to $5,000 – which is a lot!

Gift Cards - Amazon

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

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Who wouldn’t love a robot vacuum? Sure this one is a bit on the expensive side (currently at $549), but if you couldn’t figure out what to get your mom this year, this is going to be the perfect gift. Because no one, and I do mean no one, likes having to vacuum.

The Roborock S6 is a robot vacuum and robot mop in one. Allowing you to sweep and mop your floors all at the same time. Now that, is impressive.

With the S6, you can set it to vacuum your home and it’ll clean everywhere. Just sit back and kick up your feet while it does the work. It does map out your home, this way it is able to know where it needs to go, and where it has already cleaned.

And of course, this is 2019 so it does also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum - Amazon - $549

Tile Pro (2020) – 2 Pack

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Have you ever misplaced your wallet, smartphone or keys? If you answered no, you’re lying. We have all done this at least once. Many of us have done it multiple times. And that’s why Tile Pro is a great gift to give this year.

Tile Pro is a tracker that you can put on your keychain, or in your wallet, so you never have to worry about losing your wallet or keys ever again. You can use the app on your smartphone to ring the Tile and easily find whatever it is attached to. The app also shows you on a map where exactly it is.

On top of that, you can use the Tile tracker to ring your smartphone, if you happen to misplace that as well.

Tile Pro (2020) - 2 Pack - Amazon - $49

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Clock

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The Echo Dot is always a great gift no matter the occasion. But this year, Amazon decided to mix things up a bit, and introduced a new Echo Dot with a LED clock built-in. It’s the Echo Dot with Clock. It’s the same third-generation model, but now with a clock. Adding the clock is a really big deal actually. It makes it useful on a desk or a bedside table now.

Of course, Echo Dot still has all of the stuff that you’d expect to see from a smart speaker. Like Amazon Alexa included. Allowing you to control your smart home with your voice. Ask for the weather, traffic conditions, news and so much more.

Echo Dot with Clock - Amazon - $35