Attack On Titan TACTICS Is Getting A Holiday Event Soon

Fanciful Story Event Banner

If you're playing Attack On Titan TACTICS and looking for some new content to dive into, there are some upcoming events surrounding a holiday theme that will be added soon.

Crunchyroll Games and DeNA (the publisher behind Pokémon Masters) will be updating the game to include a new event called Fanciful Story Event – Holy Night's Battle, and it'll begin next week and carry through most of the month.

Altogether you will have about two weeks to participate in it so you should have plenty of time to check it out.


The event officially begins on December 10

While the start time is next week, the exact start date is December 10. On that day, the new event content will be live at 10PM PST, so it won't be up and running until later in the evening.

Once it goes live, the event will run until December 24 (Christmas Eve where the holiday is celebrated) at 11:59PM PST. If you plan to participate in the event, you'll need to get everything done before that end time that you want to accomplish.

The event includes an original story about Attack on Titan's main protagonist Eren Jaeger. In the story you end up venturing beyond the wall to find the perfect tree to decorate for the festival.

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It's a little unorthodox for the Attack on Titan universe, especially of you've seen the anime or read the manga. But this is a game after all and the holidays are here, so it adds a fun element to the game where most other content can feel grim thanks to the nature of the series.

You can collect holiday versions of a few characters

During the event you can collect special versions of a few characters, namely Armin Arlert, Eren Jaeger, and Annie Leonhart.

The 'Eve of Formal Dress' versions will have more festive clothing so their character models will look different than normal. They also have abilities that are unique and different from their normal counterparts.


For example the Eve of Formal Dress Armin will have an ability called Swiping Titan Killer, which will let you prioritize titans that swipe at you, dealing a high damage attack to them.

The event will also include login bonuses of boxes of treats that you can use for character upgrades. The update for the game should end up arriving around the same time the event is supposed to go live. And if you haven't grabbed the game but are interested in checking it out, you can grab it from the Play Store button below.