AT&T: Disney+ Is Great For Kids But Not For The Family, Unlike HBO Max


AT&T and WarnerMedia COO, John Stankey has taken a shot at Disney+ by suggesting it is more for the kids, than the whole family. Unlike AT&T’s own upcoming service, HBO Max.

Disney+ launched last month and immediately gained a substantial number of subscribers.

HBO Max is not due to launch until next year and will cost significantly more per month, compared to Disney+.


For the kids, not the family

Speaking during the UBS Global TMT Conference, Stankey voiced an opinion on Disney+. That opinion is best summed up that Disney+ is child’s play compared to HBO Max.

Stankey said, Disney+ is “a good product” and that they (Disney) have “done a nice job.” However, the comments then went on to explain that the service is “not that deep.” Especially when it comes to other family members, including the bill-payer.

Unsurprisingly, Stankey then used the opportunity to point out that HBO Max “appeals to the entire family.” That the upcoming AT&T and WarnerMedia service has content that all family members will be able to individually identify with.


Drawing further comparisons, Stankey also suggested that just like Disney+ is no replacement for Netflix, it is also no replacement for HBO Max.

AT&T execs continue the war of words

Over the past year, AT&T execs have not been shy when it comes to touting their own services. Equally, they’ve not been shy when it comes to taking shots at other services. In fact, they’ve also not been shy at taking aim at their own low-value customers.

This appears to be the latest in that on-going attempt by high-level AT&T execs to promote their own services. Even if it requites a put-down elsewhere.


HBO Max is looking like an attractive proposition. Especially for existing HBO subscribers considering there’s no price difference between HBO and Max.

However, HBO Max is an expensive option compared to the competition. Priced at $14.99 per month, it eclipses Disney+ at $6.99 per month, Hulu at $5.99 per month and even Netflix at $8.99 per month.

On the topic of the cheap price of Disney+, Stankey said, Disney+ is “about half the content of what we have, at half the price.”


HBO Max playing catch-up with Disney+

Disney+ hit the road running. Before the service launched it had already attracted a significant number of pre-order subscriptions. Following the launch, that number increased, and dramatically.

HBO Max is also expected to generate an instant user base and largely due to the migration of existing HBO customers.

However, in attracting new subscribers, HBO Max not only has the higher entry price point to convince customers on, but also the option of substituting HBO Max for an existing subscription.


Consumers are already feeling the pressure of multiple subscriptions, and HBO Max is one of the big-hitting services to arrive late. With so many already subscribed to Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, the question is how many new subscribers can HBO Max immediately attract? Especially if it is at the cost of an existing subscription.

By looking to appeal to wider demographics, AT&T and WarnerMedia are hoping Max’s appeal outweighs any issues with price or competition.