AH Awards: Best Smartphone of 2019 – Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e AH Award 01

Each year, the best smartphone award usually goes to the smartphone with the best specs, the best features, and the best design. Understandably, so. This year, however, we’ve ranked the Samsung Galaxy S10e as the best smartphone of 2019. This is even though it meets none of the above criteria.

Why is the Galaxy S10e the best smartphone of 2019 then? Well, that’s a simple question to answer. It is the only phone to be released in 2019 that massively over-performed and definitely the only phone that changed our opinion after its launch.

Rumors and leaks are in abundance in the world of Android and this usually means there are no more surprises to be had. At least, no more major ones. Yes, a phone might have one trick up its sleeve or be presented in a better light than what the rumors initially suggested, but generally, you know what you are getting with every new phone before it is announced.


This was almost true of the Galaxy S10e as well.

Rumors of a budget Galaxy S10 model were aplenty and many understood this to be a simpler and cheaper Galaxy S10. And it was. However, when taking a closer look at the Galaxy S10e it quickly became clear this was not the lesser device many had assumed.

Yes, it was less in price, less in size, less in battery capacity, and just, less in most spec areas. But it was not a lesser phone overall. The Galaxy S10e came with everything you need from a premium smartphone, but at a cheaper price. For us, this changed things.


The Galaxy S10e is the phone for everyone

Many will argue the Galaxy Note10, Google Pixel 4, or the OnePlus 7 Pro are better phones, and maybe they are. But sometimes, better does not equal the best. Do you need such a large display or the pen that comes with the Galaxy Note10? Likewise, do you really need Google’s AI-driven features and photography that makes the Pixel line what it is? Do you even need a phone that comes with the absolute highest spec numbers for the sake of it like with the OnePlus 7 Pro?

These are questions most smartphone buyers should be asking themselves before making a purchase. Having the best, is only the best, if it is best for you. The Galaxy Note10, Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7 Pro will be the best phones for those who want them, but they are the best phones for everyone.

While the Galaxy S10e is also unlikely to be the best phone for every smartphone buyer, it will likely suit more buyers than either of the other premium phones mentioned. It’s good enough, and at a price suitable enough that if you are looking for a great smartphone experience, you’ll get it.


If you are holding your nose up while reading this, then the Galaxy S10e is obviously not the phone for you. We understand that. However, it is the closest to being the best phone for everyone.

In our opinion, that’s as good a measuring stick for best smartphone of 2019 as any other.