AH Awards: Best Innovative Product Of 2019 – Samsung Galaxy Fold

samsung galaxy fold award AH

Folding phones made their debut in 2019, even if it was a bit of a rocky one. There were a handful of folding smartphones that were announced in 2019, but only one really got released. And it’s the Galaxy Fold. Though that’s not why we believe the Galaxy Fold is the most innovative product of 2019. It is all of the new tech that Samsung put into the Fold, to make it work.

The Galaxy Fold had a trouble beginning earlier this year. It was slated to go on sale at the end of April. But Samsung ran into some issues with the Galaxy Fold breaking, rather quickly. This forced Samsung to scrap that initial launch.

Instead of just scrapping the Galaxy Fold like some other companies might have done, Samsung decided to reengineer it and re-release it in September. And that’s exactly what happened.


Despite the early issues, the Galaxy Fold was still pretty successful

While Samsung hasn’t released any numbers yet, regarding the Galaxy Fold. It does seem like it was a rather successful smartphone for Samsung. Showing that people are really excited about the future of smartphones, which includes foldable smartphones.

Samsung did quite a bit with the Galaxy Fold, on an innovation front. Not only did it provide us with a smartphone that had a screen that could fold in half. But it also built a hinge that allowed it to happen. It has caps on the ends now that keep lint, dirt and dust from getting in and under the display. It also has a main front display, so you can do simple tasks without unfolding the Galaxy Fold.

Innovation isn’t just on the hardware of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung had to make it seamless to go from the smaller 4.6-inch display to that larger 7.3-inch display that is inside the Fold. To do this, Samsung had to create continuity between the two displays. So if you open an app on the smaller display, like Google Maps, then open up the Galaxy Fold, it will move the app to the larger display, seamlessly. It’s instant, and makes having two displays a whole lot cooler.


The Galaxy Fold is a really cool device from Samsung. Sure it had its faults, but that’s how it is when it comes to first-generation technology. It’s also good to see that Samsung did not decide to simply pull the plug on the project after it had a few issues just before its initial launch. Samsung went back to the drawing board and made the Galaxy Fold even better.

That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Fold wins our award for the Best Innovative Product of 2019.