AH Awards: Best Game of 2019 – Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile AH Award

Usually choosing the best game of the year is a little challenging as there tend to be so many good ones. This year that wasn't really the case.

There were plenty of really good games this year but one simply stood out among the rest so it was easy to pick 2019's best game. So handing out the award to the winner was a fairly quick decision when it came to lock one down.

Call of Duty Mobile is our pick for best mobile game of 2019.


Even if you're not really a fan of the Call of Duty series, when it comes to mobile games released this year Call of Duty has undoubtedly done the best. One only needs to look at how many downloads it had in the first few days and first week of launch.

Within a week it surpassed 100 million downloads. Now that it's around two months old that download number has risen to over 170 million. That's also just the downloads. The amount of money it's made since launch on October 1 of this year is up to $87 million.

Keep in mind these are global numbers, so this is it's worldwide success. Still, the only other game to beat it out in download numbers within the first week is Pokémon GO which launched back in 2016.


This pushes it well past other top games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (another Niantic game), Pokémon Masters, and even Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour.

Beyond its download numbers, Call of Duty Mobile is our pick for best game of the year for various other reasons.

Polished gameplay, excellent graphics, and all out fun

Call of Duty Mobile isn't without its flaws. There appears to be a rampant problem with cheaters. Complaints about them are usually coming through daily on the official subreddit.


Despite that though, the game is still extremely fun to play. Whether you're diving into a battle royale match, a multiplayer match type, or a zombies match now that the mode is here, chances are you'll have plenty of fun.

The game also looks fantastic. If you have a phone that can support high-end graphics, Call of Duty Mobile looks really good, and likely much better than many people expected initially.

Of course the game functions well too. Controls are smooth even for touch screens, and Activision and Tencent have done a fine job of giving players customization options when it comes to the gameplay controls. So you can fine tune things if you need to.


Other excellent offerings include things like the battle pass to earn free rewards, themed seasonal content, and a pretty deep character customization from loadouts to skins. The list of top-notch features goes on.

And, did we mention the game is just really good? That seems to be the general consensus with the game having a 4.6 rating on the Play Store even with its many millions of installs.

The game now offers controller support

Although the touch controls for Call of Duty Mobile are very good, some people still prefer a physical controller. The good news for anyone who fits into that category is that Call of Duty Mobile now offers controller support.


If you have a DualShock 4 controller or an Xbox One controller, you can link it up to your smartphone and use it to play. Just like with the touch control customization options, there's even a nice little set of customization options for controllers.

Allowing you to tweak things so the controls feel just right. Support for more types of controllers will be added in at some point as well. Which eventually means more people will get to experience using a controller in Call of Duty Mobile.

People were of course worried that Call of Duty Mobile would be a terrible game. Simply because it's Activision and Tencent that make it. On the contrary, though. It's universally loved by hundreds of millions of players, and so it's our pick for best mobile game of 2019.