AH Awards: Best Fitness Tracker of 2019 – Fitbit Inspire/Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR AH Award

When it comes to fitness trackers no brand out there is more recognizable than Fitbit. The company has over 28 million active users as of early November and it has the most robust and functional dashboard to integrate the trackers with.

That and many other reasons are why we're picking the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR as our best fitness tracker for 2019.

Now these are two different trackers. But they're also technically the same tracker, one just has the heart rate sensor in it. So we're lumping them both in together as one tracker for the best one this year.


As for why, let's start with cost. The Fitbit Inspire HR began it's availability at $100, now it's down to $80 making it even more of a value. The Inspire meanwhile if you don't need or want the heart rate sensor started at $70 when it launched and is now down to $60.

Both of these are extremely affordable, have quite a few features for a more basic tracker, and they're quality-made and have access to Fitbit's amazing dashboard.

Besides the affordable price the Fitbit Inspire HR and Inspire offer loads of different tracking information and fitness features, from food logging capabilities to reminders to move. Some of the features are only available on the HR model though.


Real-time pace & distance, heart rate zones help elevate your workouts

The Fitbit Inspire HR offers a lot to the consumer for not a lot of cost. The real-time pace and distance is one of those things. When you pair your smartphone to this tracker, you'll be able to have the tracker log how fast you're walking, running, cycling and more.

The connection to your phone allows the tracker to link into the GPS and also allows you to see how far you've gone. So if you're keen on knowing that information for scheduled workouts, this is a crucial component.

Guided breathing sessions is another cool feature that can help especially with things like running or yoga. When just starting to run, and even if you're a seasoned runner, breathing is everything.


The better you are at controlling your breathing eventually the longer you'll be able to run. With the Fitbit Inspire HR you can receive alerts on when step back from your day and take a moment to focus on guided breathing techniques. Getting the hang of these can then help you later on wherever breathing is a bigger part of your exercise.

A custom look to fit your own personal lifestyle

Most everyone loves to have some of their accessories or their style personalized. Fitbit made sure that users of the Inspire and Inspire HR could do just that.

There are more than a few different options for customizable bands for both trackers. You can choose from stainless steel, leather, fabric in various color and prints, and even clips if you don't feel like wearing the tracker on your wrist.


This versatility in the way you wear the tracker and how it looks makes this more of a fit for more people. For example, not everyone enjoys the silicone bands that the generally come on fitness trackers.

Some prefer leather or fabric. And sometimes it might actually go better with a particular outfit or look more professional with something like stainless steel. The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR give you all of these options.

And it's this customization capability that helps make them 2019's best fitness trackers.


To us, there's really nothing better. They provide users with everything they need to get motivated and stay on top of fitness goals and choose a look that suits their personal taste.