Advantages Of Owning Mobile-Based Bitcoin Wallet

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Well, if you too are swiped off by the craze of Bitcoin are have invested in it, then you need to store your bitcoins in a safe place, so that least your account gets hacked, faces malware attack or any such online threats that may take away all the hard-earned bitcoins from your wallet.

So, keeping privacy and security issues, investors keep their own online, offline and mobile-based Bitcoin. Each type of wallet has its own set of advantages. Owning an online wallet is more beneficial for the beginners who have just started in crypto-trading and are learning how a Bitcoin transaction works. On the other hand, offline transactions are considered to be more secure.

As far as mobile-based Bitcoin wallet is considered, it has also got its own set of benefits like easy accessibility, faster transactions, and a secure platform to store, send and receive funds.
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Easy access at any time

If you one of those people who are a mobile junkie to like to keep checking the status of your asset, whether it is going up or falling. In such a scenario mobile-based Bitcoin wallets are a big relief. All you need to do for gaining access to the mobile-based Bitcoin wallet is to enter a password or a Google authentication key and you are good to go.

The easy access allows you to also make fast payments like you can buy coffee, shop, pay utility bills, purchase movie tickets and pay and make quick transactions with your phone. It is a quick process as compared to cold storage wallets where you have to insert hardware to make transactions. The best part is that you can directly purchase Bitcoin using debit and credit cards on your phone. So, it can’t get better and more accessible than this.


More security

Storing Bitcoin in the mobile-based wallet is more secure as compared to storing in computer or laptop. The reason is pretty simple. Laptops and computers might may virus and apart from that, there are high chances that your Bitcoin wallet gets hacked.

As far as the mobile phone is considered, most of the phones consist of the native environment called the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The TEE works in a separate environment altogether that has its own set of private keys that is not easy for a hacker to pass. So, even if by any chance your phone gets hacked, there is no chance that it will pass the private security key information to hack into your Bitcoin wallet account. High-level security indeed


Makes you so tech-savvy

Ok, well maybe I did not need to say this, but still owning a mobile-based Bitcoin wallet and paying around for various services with Bitcoin makes you tech-savvy. So, you can fault around your new trending Bitcoin wallet to your friends and thus become the most tech-savvy person in your friend group.

At last, I would like to say that, it is really up to you that what kind of Bitcoin wallet you wish to have. The major intention of this article was to show you the benefits that you can enjoy by having a mobile-based wallet on your phone.


Though mobile-based Bitcoin wallets are fun and convenient to use, still you need to be very careful while using a mobile-based Bitcoin wallet only if you are experienced and know exactly how the Bitcoin transactions work. If you are a beginner it is highly advised to start with online wallets that fully guide the beginners.