You Might Finally Get Dark Mode Scheduling With Android 11


Dark mode scheduling might finally become available as a feature to Android device users.

However, it won’t be until Android 11 and that’s at the earliest.

Dark mode scheduling was originally expected to be included with Android 10 although that did not prove to be the case when Android 10 launched.


Dark mode, but no scheduling

Dark mode was one of the main features included in the current version of Android, Android 10. The feature is different to previous variations of theme support as it was included as a system-wide feature.

Since then, multiple apps, including a number of Google’s main apps have also been updated with dark mode related themes and support. All of which has resulted in dark mode becoming an extremely popular feature for those using devices that have already been upgraded to the latest version of Android.

Of course, the arrival of dark mode was not what created the popularity of the feature as this was one of the most sought-after features by Android users to begin with. If anything, the demand is what finally pushed Google to deliver to Android users what many had been requesting for some time.


With its arrival as part of the beta versions of Android Q – as it was known at the time – dark mode scheduling was understood to be available. Providing those interested in dark mode the ability for the system to enable and disable the feature at certain times of the day.

However, once Android 10 arrived for the masses, there was no dark mode scheduling included. The reason for this was the suggestion it was likely to affect performance due to the nature of apps having to resubmit requests to accurately check things like the time.

Dark mode scheduling in Android 11

While it seems Android 10 was not suited to dark mode scheduling, Android 11 might be.


This comes from a Googler who responded to a question regarding dark mode scheduling on the Google Issue Tracker. First spotted by XDA-Developers, the Googler confirmed the issue as “fixed” and added it “will become available in a future Android release.”

While that does not guarantee Android 11 as the version specifically, it remains a likely candidate. Google is clearly working on implementing the extended dark mode support and it stands to reason that if it fixed, it will come sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, Android users will have to either continue to wait until the feature becomes available or make use of one of the various workarounds that are available online.