You Can Install Stadia On Your PC As A Chrome App


Stadia plays in your Chrome browser when played on a PC but you can also install it as a Chrome app.

Right now, if you head to the Stadia website and you have a Stadia pro account, you'll be taken to the home page. There you can see your list of owned game titles and, play them if so you choose.

But if you wanted to play games through Stadia without opening Chrome itself, you can. You just have to install the Chrome app version of it first.


To install the Chrome app, you need to open the Stadia web page first

You'll have to access Stadia from the Chrome web browser at least once if you want the Chrome app. That's because that seems to be the only way you can grab the Chrome app in the first place.

Once you open the Stadia web page simply direct your gaze to the address bar and look all the way to the right. Next to the star button which is used for bookmarking, there's a "+" button you can click.

If you hover over it it says "install Stadia." Once you click, this will bring up a prompt to confirm you want to install the Chrome app version of Stadia. Hit the install button and you're done.


The app can now be accessed from your Start menu

If you've installed the Chrome app you can now easily access the service from your Start menu. It doesn't appear in the alphabetical list of installed apps since it's not actually a Windows app. It will however pop up in the "recently added" section at the very top.

Simply drag this launcher to the explore section just to the right and you'll always have it right there. You can of course create a Chrome shortcut to it directly as well and this will just launch Stadia in a Chrome tab.

Having it running as a Chrome app though will keep it in its own self-contained window. Instead of as a tab in the browser. Since the entirety of Chrome isn't running, you may also save on a little bit of RAM usage. Though this hasn't been tested.


Overall, it simply makes for a nice quick way to access Stadia from the web. If you're eager to try Stadia for yourself and are curious about how it performs, be sure to check out our review to see what we thought.