WhatsApp Is Draining Battery On OnePlus & Xiaomi Smartphones


It seems like WhatsApp is not playing nice with OnePlus smartphones at the moment. According to a new report, WhatsApp is draining the battery on OnePlus smartphones.

This issue has been detected on WhatsApp version 2.19.308, and it is affecting OnePlus smartphone running on both Android 9 Pie and Android 10.

WhatsApp causing heavy battery drain on OnePlus smarpthones

Such issues have been reported on both Reddit and OnePlus Forums. In some cases, this bug is quite serious. Some OnePlus users reported battery drain of about 40-percent by the aforementioned WhatsApp app.


The worse thing is, such high battery drain is not limited to people actively using the app. Even users who barely use the application are having such issues.

Some Xiaomi phones are experiencing similar issues

OnePlus' smartphones are not the only ones with such issues. Some users of Xiaomi's devices reported similar issues with said WhatsApp version. They are also experiencing high battery drain.

WhatsApp will hopefully release a new version soon, in which this bug will be squashed. Not a single app should be draining as much battery, not even close. This is decimating battery life on both OnePlus and Xiaomi phones at the moment.


Every time there is an issue with WhatsApp or Instagram, Facebook is being mentioned. That is actually understandable, to a degree. Users are pointing out that Facebook now owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, and those apps are seeing issues that were not present before.

That may be a bit unfair, as every app has issues from time to time, though it seems like both WhatsApp and Instagram are experiencing more of those these days.

WhatsApp still did not release an official statement regarding this, as of writing this article. The company probably won't do that either, as it's only expected to fix it with a software update.


This is quite clearly an issue with the app itself. A bug managed to squeeze through WhatsApp checks, and unfortunately, it seems to be killing battery life on both OnePlus and Xiaomi phones.

Both the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro that got announced recently actually offer good battery life. Battery life on both phones is above average. Throw in this WhatsApp bug, and it drops to below average.

The same goes for a number of Xiaomi phones, as they usually offer really good battery life. If you're having such issues, make sure to pay attention to updates to WhatsApp, and once it arrives, it may be wise to clear the cache of that app as well… just in case.