Verizon's New Android TV "Stream TV" Box Inches Closer To Launch


Verizon has a new "Stream TV" set-top box in the works and now it appears to be confirmed as running on Android TV.

The understanding Veirizon is working on this new device first came to light in August.

There's still no current word on when Verizon will launch the new device and service.


Another Android TV device coming

Verizon working on Stream TV is not a sudden revelation. The news on this first emerged back in August when a device was spotted passing through the FCC.

Since then, what appears to be the same device has now been spotted on the Google Play Console.

Verizon Stream TV 01


While there had already been suggestions the box would be powered by Android, its surfacing on the Google Play Console confirms this. Specifically, that the Android TV device will come running on Android 9 Pie at launch.

Android 9 Pie is currently the latest version available through Android TV devices.

5G, and maybe, YouTube TV

With a name like "Stream TV" it is not a surprise that this is a device aimed at streamers. However, beyond the usual selling points, the previous FCC filing seemed to indicate this device will also be 5G-ready.


That in itself, may make it a little different to the rest when it comes to Verizon's marketing approach.

In addition, Verizon has already turned to YouTube TV as a partner for its 5G 'TV and internet' package. Therefore, it could be the case this device also comes pre-loaded with YouTube TV. At the very least, an emphasis on being used with Google's live TV service.

What also seems highly likely is a more customized interface. Verizon does not appear to be the type of company that intends to sell this box as-is. Instead, it will likely take the same route AT&T has with its new set-top box and look to sell it along with its own services.


If that is the case, then it also stands to reason Verizon will be adopting more of an operator version of Android TV.

This is turn, would indicate a non-typical version of Android TV. One that's been customized by Verizon to showcase its services and the TV experience it wants to offer customers.

While there is still no word on when the Stream TV box will launch, it's likely to happen sooner rather than later.


Especially now that it's visible in the Google Play Console and has already passed through the FCC.