Upcoming Xiaomi Smartphone May Include A 120Hz OLED Display

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro AM AH 2

High refresh rate displays are becoming quite popular in the world of smartphones. Xiaomi seems to be the latest company that plans to utilize one such display, and in this case, a 120Hz one.

Xiaomi planning to release a phone with a 120Hz display, probably next year

According to a new rumor that surfaced on Weibo (Chinese social media network), Xiaomi will utilize a 120Hz OLED display in the near future. We’re guessing that such a phone will launch next year, though anything is possible at this point.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is still expected to launch before the end of the year, so… who knows. Chances are that the Mi MIX 4 will include a 90Hz display, rather than a 120Hz one, but we’ll see.


Now, if you remember, last month a similar piece of info surfaced. XDA Developers managed to a refresh rate option setting in the MIUI ROM that is in development.

That option was located in the ‘Display’ section of the phone’s ‘Settings’ app. The name of the option was ‘Refresh Rate’, and inside, both 60Hz and 120Hz options were located.

It is actually possible that the device was set at 90Hz at the time, so that’s why that option is missing, It’s also possible that only 60Hz and 120Hz options were available.


Whatever the case may be, it seems like Xiaomi is planning to launch a phone with a 120Hz display. We’re still not sure what that phone will be, but it’s either one of its regular flagships, or a gaming smartphone.

This display may be reserved for the Black Shark 3 or Mi 10

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 is expected to arrive next year, and it’s likely it will have a high refresh rate display. The Black Shark 2 Pro, which arrived back in July, does not. It has 240Hz touch-sensing, but not a high refresh rate display, per se.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is expected to land in the first quarter of next year as well. That will become the company’s brand new flagship, and it will probably ship with a high refresh rate display. The Mi 9 may include a 90Hz refresh rate display, rather than a 120Hz one, though. Anything is possible at this point, we’re only guessing. We still don’t have any info regarding the Mi 10.


A tipster recently suggested that the OnePlus 8 Pro will include a 120Hz display. The OnePlus 8 is expected to ship with a 90Hz display. All OnePlus devices, moving forward, will include high refresh rate displays, by the way, that is something the company confirmed recently.

The iPhone 12 is also rumored to include a 120Hz display. Apple’s iPad Pro launched with a 120Hz display a while back, and next-gen iPhones are expected to follow suit. Still, not a single iPhone has a display with over 60Hz refresh rate, so Apple may tone it down a notch. The company may also opt for a 90Hz display, over a 120Hz one, we’ll see.