Ulefone Announces Its Discounts For 11.11 Shopping Festival

Ulefone 11 11 shopping festival 2019

Ulefone has just announced some of its upcoming discounts for the 11.11 shopping festival. This is an annual event in China, as many companies discount their products on November 11.

Ulefone has prepared some really interesting discounts for its smartphones for 11.11. Those discounts are not available yet, but they are visible as we speak. The company will host a sale on AliExpress, and if you’re interested, read on.

Ulefone will offers discounts up to 31-percent for 11.11 shopping festival

Ulefone will discount its smartphones up to 31-percent for 11.11, while it will also offer some extra promotions and discount coupons when the time comes.


The first thing to note is that the customer who spends most on 11.11 on Ulefone products will win the Ulefone Armor X3 smartphone. Buyers who purchase products in the first two hours of sales on November 11 and 12, will get a chance to win a free Ulefone Note 7. Do note that the company will give away five of them.

Ulefone will also hand out some $10 coupons on November 11, and only the fastest buyers will get them. The brand new Ulefone Armor 7 will also become available for customers on November 11, via AliExpress. The device will be available for $369.99.

As already mentioned, Ulefone’s 11.11 discounts are already visible on AliExpress. You can already add products you want to your cart, and simply purchase them when the time comes.


Pretty much every modern Ulefone smartphone is discounted for 11.11, so there’s plenty to choose from on AliExpress.

We’ve already included a purchase link below this article, so you can check out all offers. We’ll also highlight some of them for you here.

Quite a few phones will get discounted, including some very popular ones

The Ulefone Armor X3 will be priced at only $72.49 on November 11, while it usually costs $124.99. The Armor X5, on the other hand, will set you back $89.99. Its usual price tag is 124.99 as well.


The Armor 6E will be priced at $184.99, down from its $249.99 price tag. If you’re more interested in the company’s Power series of phones, those will be discounted as well.

The Ulefone Power 5 with a 13,000mAh battery will be priced at $187.49, while the Power 5S will set you back $184.99 during 11.11.

Those are just some examples, many more Ulefone phones will get discounted on 11.11. Click the link down below for more information.


Ulefone 11.11 shopping festival (more info)