The PUMA Smartwatch Is Available Today For $275

Puma Smartwatch

PUMA announced its first-ever smartwatch back in September, and as of today it’s available for consumers to buy.

The watch runs on Google’s Wear OS platform and is also sold under the Fossil Group umbrella. This is alongside other watches like the Diesel ON Axial, the Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch 3, and of course Fossil’s own Gen 5.

For PUMA, this is a big deal as this is its first venture into smartwatches. For consumers, it’s a big deal because it’s a dual-gender watch, Meaning it’s perfect for both men and women.


The PUMA Smartwatch is available on Amazon

Though you can grab this new watch from PUMA’s own site, you can also get it on Amazon.

The cost is the same regardless of the retailer as well, which is $275 for any of the three available colors. The PUMA Smartwatch comes in three different colorways which are White, Neon, and Black.

All of which are colors which work well for both men and women to help position the device as a dual-gender option.


This helps set the PUMA Smartwatch apart. For example, most smartwatches are designed for either men or women. Not with PUMA. It wanted a watch that could be worn by everybody. And it seems to have succeeded.

Unique PUMA style, familiar Wear OS features

Nearly all Wear OS watches are for the most part the same. At least when it comes to the features. Things like heart rate sensors, GPS, Google Pay compatibility, and more are on just about every device.

Many these days are also swimproof, and come with music controls and playback as well as Google Assistant. The PUMA Smartwatch has all of these features, in addition to things like a speaker, the Play Store and more.


Where PUMA sets itself apart is with the design. The watch is styled as a sporty wearable complete with a silicone strap. But you’ll also see the PUMA logo in multiple places along the watch.

For example you can find the logo on the crown button, on the tip of the strap, and along the backside of the watch case. The watch also features unique PUMA watch faces with a fairly sporty design as well.

All of these are small aesthetic touches, but they’re perfect for someone who loves the PUMA brand. If you’re that consumer, then this is probably your smartwatch. If you’re looking to grab the PUMA smartwatch you can do so by hitting the button below.


PUMA Smartwatch - Amazon - $275