The Most Popular Google Shopping Searches Might Surprise You


When people are searching for something, they are usually searching using Google. And that is the case still when it comes to shopping.

Instead of just going straight to Amazon, which many do actually, most still search Google to find the best price.

That means Google Shopping has a ton of data of what people are searching for, and it has released the top products for each category. These are the biggest searches from the first three weeks of October 2019.


Apple leads the way in the tech category

When it comes to searches for tech products, well, Apple products are at the top. In fact, the top three are all Apple products. These include the iPhone 11, iPad (7th Gen) and Apple Watch Series 5.

Coming in fourth is Google's Nest Hub Max.

And perhaps surprisingly, the Nest Hub Max is the only Google product listed in the top 15. Some of the other products are ones you might not expect like Amazon Echo Auto, Garmin fenix and the Huawei Freebuds.


It goes to show how many people are really searching for the Pixel smartphone or any of Google's other products. Either they already know about these products and where to buy them, or they just aren't interested in searching for them.

It was also a bit surprising seeing how few Samsung products were in the top 15. Only three. The Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Tab S6. Not the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10 series, which is very surprising.

So what does this data show us?

It shows us what products people might be interested in buying, especially with Black Friday and the holiday season coming up. In the tech category, specifically, we can see which products will be the best sellers during the holiday season.


Now we already knew that products like the iPhone 11 and iPad were going to be big sellers, they always are. But seeing the Nest Hub Max come in right behind those is a bit telling. And it'll be interesting to see how well that does during the holiday shopping season.

We know that all of these are going to be deeply discounted for Black Friday next week. So it's possible that a lot of these searches were people doing homework before buying on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday.

It's pretty interesting to see how some of these products rank in Google Shopping data, it'll be more interesting to see how they change after the holiday season.