Legere Might Leave T-Mobile To Run WeWork

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According to a report surfacing on Monday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere is currently in talks with WeWork to become their new CEO.

This report comes from the Wall Street Journal, which is citing sources familiar with the matter.

The parent company of WeWork, We Co., is looking for a CEO that is able to stabilize the company. Following the pretty insane tenure of its co-founder Adam Neumann. This comes after WeWork’s failure to IPO earlier this year.


SoftBank Group owns a majority stake in the company, which also owns a majority in Sprint – the company that Legere’s current company is trying to merge with.

WeWork is looking for a new leader to start as soon as January

Having already bought out Neumann, We Co is looking for a CEO and looking for one quick. They’d like the new CEO to start as early as January.

Right now, Legere though, is CEO of T-Mobile USA, who is in the middle of a pretty lengthy merger approval to merge with Sprint. Legere is slated to get a pretty big bonus when (and if) this merger is approved. But it’s unclear right now whether Legere would take this job.


We Co is likely looking for someone similar to Neumann, who was a pretty unconventional executive. And Legere is just like that.

Legere took over T-Mobile in late 2013, taking it from being the smallest carrier to the third largest, and more than doubling its subscriber count in that time. Legere has also been pretty unconventional with how he gets things done. Making fun of the competition, like the infamous “Sprint Like Hell” promo it did a few years ago to get Sprint customers to switch to T-Mobile – oh the irony.

He has turned around T-Mobile, a company that no one thought could be turned around. In fact, it’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom wanted out of the US market. Now, it wants to stay in – hence the reason why T-Mobile is buying Sprint and not the other way around.


Legere is due to become CEO of the “New T-Mobile”

When the merger is approved, which many still believe it will happen, Legere is slated to become the CEO of the new combined company. With Sprint’s former CEO, Marcelo Claure, sitting on the board of directors.

Though, if Legere takes on this role at WeWork, who would become the CEO of this new combined company.

Right now there are a ton of questions that no one has answers to, regarding John Legere, WeWork, T-Mobile and Sprint. As we mentioned before, there’s no word on whether Legere is taking this job or not yet.