Super League PUBG MOBILE Tournament Gains OnePlus As A Sponsor


OnePlus will be the official hardware sponsor for the Super League 2019-2020 season of its PUBG MOBILE tournament.

This is Super League's first mobile hardware partnership. Alongside getting a popular brand on board, the sponsorship will see OnePlus' branding and other elements integrated with Super League's partnership with Tencent.

What that means is that any advertisements for Super League's PUBG MOBILE tournaments for this season will have OnePlus branding. It also potentially provides some unique rewards for champions of those tournaments.


PUBG MOBILE city champions will get a free OnePlus phone

Super League operates a franchise for mobile Esports called City Champs. This takes the competition on the road to various cities around the US and lets players face off against each other for supremacy and bragging rights.

Future City Champs competitions for PUBG MOBILE will end up with the reward. That reward? A free OnePlus smartphone. However it isn't mentioned which OnePlus phone will be given out. Nevertheless, it'll still be decent.

There are 16 total cities where these competitions will take place, including Phoenix, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and others. You can view the full list here.


If you live in or nearby one of the cities, you may want to check the list as soon as possible to prepare. City Champs competitions will start in December. Specifically Wednesday, December 11.

"Select gameplay" will be streamed on Twitch

A free phone isn't the only benefit of these tournaments. For example, some select gameplay will be streamed via Twitch. That means if you attend, you may have a chance for your gameplay sessions to be shown online.

That being said, gameplay may not be streamed from every event. It'll be select events, which means there's a possibility some events won't have any streaming gameplay from regional competitors streamed at all.


For those that do, the gameplay will be streamed on both PUBG MOBILE and Super League's Twitch channels. At these events, Super League says there will also be official swag given out. The events are free too, so you don't have to pay anything to attend.

The events will be taking place at "select Dave and Busters" locations across the US in the cities listed. If you've never played PUB MOBILE before, now is a good time to give it a try.

The game just recently launched into its latest season earlier this month, so there's a bunch of new content to explore. Diving in now could also help you prepare for one of these upcoming events.