Stadia Has Launched & All Day-One Games Are Available


Stadia is officially here for all Pro subscribers who have their units, as the service has launched for Android, PC, and Chromecast Ultra today.

All day-one games are now available for gameplay, which includes hits like Destiny 2: The Collection and Samurai Shodown. Both of which are free games for Pro subs this month.

On top of these two free games, there are numerous other titles available like Wolfenstein: Youngblood, GYLT, and more. Many of the games have special pricing for those on Pro as well.


With Stadia launched, gameplay seems best on Android

Now that Stadia has gone live for anyone with the bundle and an activation code, it's time to start playing. That being said, gameplay seems best on Android devices.

If you have a Pixel phone (the only supported devices at the moment), then this might be your best experience. In our testing, the smoothest gameplay was on the Pixel 3a XL. Specifically, it had the least amount of dropped frames, and the least amount of lag and stutter.

Stadia controller gameplay
Stadia gameplay with the Claw attachment

This won't necessarily be the case for all users, but it seems other reviewers had the same experience. So it's entirely possible that users will as well.


Whatever device you end up playing on, you'll be able to dive right in and enjoy some quality titles.

There's a new launch trailer, and buddy passes begin shipping in December

For all those who pre-ordered Founders Edition bundles, buddy passes are coming. Google has officially stated the passes will be begin reaching founders in early December, so they aren't far off.

One main reason for this is likely to get as many founders bundles out to buyers before sending out free codes for people who haven't purchased the service. Also likely to stagger the amount of users who can hop online.


Since a general release window has now been confirmed, users can do away with having to refresh their inboxes every five minutes. At least until early next month.

To commemorate the service officially going live today, there's a new Stadia launch trailer available as well.

The Stadia main screen shows the last game you played

One cool thing to note about Stadia on any of the devices you use, is the main screen always shows the most recently played game.

Stadia main screen
Stadia main screen shows your most recently played game

This is a fairly big convenience even with the smaller list of available games. Once users start filling up their game libraries, this will make it super simple to get right back to the one they may be currently playing.

Instead of having to scroll through lists of them. This is similar to how things work on the PS4, as your most recently played game is always the first one in the list.