Stadia Founders Bundles Are Being Shipped Out Today


It appears Google is starting get things ready with Stadia as Founders bundle are being shipped out today.

Some users are noting in the Stadia subreddit that they're orders are shipping. This is to be expected as the service goes live tomorrow for Founders. Ship dates seem to be varying from customer to customer as well. With some likely to get their orders on launch day.

For others, it looks like some arrival times will float around November 20-21. That's this Thursday at the latest.


Stadia Founders bundles are being shipped to US customers

For the time being it looks like US customers are the only ones reporting orders shipping out today. Google is sending these confirmations out via email. So if you have an order you're waiting on, keep an eye on your inbox.

Worth mentioning is that orders which are on their way to buyers are some of the earliest ones purchased. For example, some of the orders coming through were originally made in July. Others from June.

However there are also some orders which already shipped that were placed in September. So there seems to be a little inconsistency with things. Overall though many people should expect the bundles to arrive on their doorsteps by the end of this week.


Founders codes will be sent out the morning of November 19

With the service launching tomorrow users will need their codes to get setup. The good news is that they'll be sent out via email the morning of launch. Of course, only for those whose packages are arriving tomorrow.

The service launches at 9AM. And, once it goes live, those receiving their bundles tomorrow will get a code.

Anyone that isn't getting their bundles tomorrow will get codes once the bundles are sent out. The main takeaway is that people should keep an eye on their emails as things are going to start moving pretty quick now.


For those unfamiliar, Founders bundles come with the Chromecast Ultra, the Night Blue controller, a buddy pass, and 3 months of Stadia Pro. Founders also get their pick of gamertags before others. Founders Bundles also sold out a little earlier this Fall so users are now only able to pick up the Premier Bundle.

If you're curious about how Stadia performs, you can check out our review of the service here to see our thoughts on it.