SideChef Announces A New Partnership With Bixby


Home cooking platform SideChef has announced a partnership with Samsung's AI voice assistant Bixby. This partnership will bring voice-activated video cooking guides within Bixby capsules, which are Samsung's equivalent to Amazon Alexa skills.

SideChef is a home cooking platform and a leader in the smart kitchen technology space. Founded by Kevin Yu in 2014, it provides over 15 thousand interactive smart recipes with "dynamic recipe guidance" featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, instructional videos, in-app timers, and smart appliance control. The platform also offers in-app meal planning, grocery delivery, and smart kitchen connectivity.

SideChef will be initially available to English-language Bixby users in the United States only. It promises to expand the availability and add new functionality in the future.


This is not the first time SideChef has joined forces with a big brand, though. Last month, the company partnered with Bacardi to enable step-by-step drink mixing.

Over 15 thousand video recipes

According to the press release, Samsung smartphone users will get access to SideChef's complete roster of over 15 thousand video recipes. The roster features voice-control functionalities, including the ability to search for and filter through the recipes. SideChef will further allow users to refine a particular recipe to their taste or dietary restriction. Users can also hone the recipe to their choice of cuisine type by adding specific ingredients.

For instance, users can search for a lasagna recipe and then ask to filter for vegetarian recipes with specific ingredients. Once a recipe is selected, SideChef will provide them with a step-by-step video guide through the entire preparation process.


"This integration with Bixby is a natural evolution of the SideChef platform, one that allows consumers to enjoy our vision of making cooking universally easy and enjoyable, regardless of what tools home cooks have at their disposal," said Kevin Yu, CEO of SideChef.

SideChef will be available in Bixby Marketplace on all compatible Samsung smartphones. Samsung launched this marketplace earlier this year as the go-to "store" for all Bixby capsules. And while Bixby is relatively new, and less smart than its competitors, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it does comes installed on a whole lot of Samsung devices.

With Samsung sitting pretty comfortably at the top of the world's biggest smartphone vendors list, Bixby should not find it too difficult to gain a big user base quickly. And it will play to SideChef's advantage as not many recipe-centric capsules occupy the shelves of the Bixby marketplace. SideChef also offers many modern features to stand out from the crowd.

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