Samsung’s One UI 2 Is Big On Accessibility Features

One UI 2

During the Developer Conference in California, Samsung presented the second iteration of One UI. While the simple, minimalist interface will be appreciated by most users, the South Korean giant wants to draw our attention towards the fact that One UI 2 is pretty accessible for everyone.

Whether the user is young or old or has a disability, Samsung wants to make it easier for everyone to use its devices. For that, the company has a multipronged approach.

Sharp Color Contrast Will Increase Visibility

First off, the intelligent use of colors will make it easier for people with vision problems to use Samsung devices. For instance, the company says that its high-contrast theme has been downloaded over 15 million times. Basically, sharp contrast makes it easier for those with low vision to differentiate between different things and see more clearly.


With One UI 2, Samsung wants to make the display more accommodating for everyone. It will now be possible to adjust the display’s color settings to improve visibility for users who have difficulty making out certain hues. Other than that, a high-contrast keyboard that makes the keys pop will facilitate typing.

To make the process of typing even easier for people with compromised eyesight, Samsung will let users dictate text messages to Bixby. The digital assistant will then type the message for them. Similarly, users will also be able to make notes using their voice.

One UI 2 also has a Live Transcribe feature. With this feature, the phone can listen for the sounds in the world around the the user and transcribe them onto the display.


In addition to helping people use their devices more conveniently, Samsung also aims to help them in other areas. For instance, Galaxy devices have a Light Sensing feature that can track the status of lights. Since poor eyesight can sometimes make it difficult to tell if the light is on, this feature will alert them. They can then decide if they would like to keep the lights on or turn them off.

One UI 2 Is In Beta Testing Right Now

Samsung also notes that Bixby has proven to be very useful for kids and the elderly, as these two demographics are usually not tech-savvy. The South Korean giant says that it intends to bring more accessibility features to its AI platform in the future. As the company’s mobile wing’s Executive Vice President and Head of Software and Artificial Intelligence Eui-Suk Chung points out, enriching One UI 2 and Bixby with accessibility features will enable more people to use Samsung’s products comfortably. As Chung says, these features should be at the heart of all development, as they are essential for those who require them.

One UI 2 comes with many subtle improvements that will reduce clutter, minimize interruptions and improve natural interactions. The beta version is out now and the stable version will likely be released before the end of the year.