Samsung Patents Foldable Tablet In Three Different Variants


It seems like Samsung has patented yet another foldable device, a tablet this time around. Letsgodigital suggests this is essentially a tablet in a pocket form, and could carry the Galaxy Tab Fold name, or something similar to that. Presuming that it ever becomes a reality, of course.

This design patent was filed back in May this year with The Hague International Design System. The patent is simply called 'Mobile telephone', for some reason, and it was approved on November 15, 2019. It is just now making the rounds, and it remained unspotted thus far.

Samsung patented three different models of this foldable tablet

Samsung actually patented three different models of the same device, it seems. The first variant of the device has the folding line right in the middle. The design differs from the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 device (based on what Samsung showed off thus far), and also the original Galaxy Fold.


This is a vertically-folding device, and it comes with fewer curves than the other two Galaxy Fold units. Letsgodigital did create some renders for us to check out, based on the sketches that were published in the patent. You can check out all of those down below. When folded, this device almost looks like a tiny laptop.

You will notice that this device does not include a secondary display, nor a camera. It does include a speaker, and a USB connector, though. The device includes two speakers on the bottom, and two at the top.

Samsung either envisioned an under-display camera for this device, or it's just a general patent which awaits for further expansions from the company, we'll see.


The second model that Samsung patented is quite similar, but instead of folding right down the middle, it's pushed further down. So, the top portion of the display remains open when the device is folded. That will allow for some extra functionality, no doubt.

Samsung foldable tablet patent November 2019 image 1
Second foldable tablet model

The third model shifts that folding line even further. As a result, the device remains rather large when folded. The folding line is pushed further down, and when folded half way, it can serve as a stand or something of the sort.

This is just one of many foldable devices Samsung patented in the last couple of years

Samsung had patented quite a few foldable smartphones over the last couple of years. The company definitely shifted into a higher gear this year, as it probably plans to release quite a few foldable devices in the coming years.


Samsung is obviously trying to see what works, which is why it's patenting all sorts of designs. Ranging from smartphones to tablets, with different folding lines, and different folding setups entirely.

It remains to be seen what exactly will the Galaxy Fold 2 bring to the table. It will be a vertically-folding device, and hopefully considerably less fragile than the original Galaxy Fold.
Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have already announced their foldable devices. Royole did that as well, while Xiaomi is expected to do it soon. Many other smartphone manufacturers will probably follow in 2020, as we're expecting to see more and more foldable handsets.