Save $200 & Upgrade Your TV Audio With Samsung's Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Samsung HW Q80R Soundbar Deal AH

Now might be a great time to upgrade your home entertainment sound system. Especially as the Samsung HR-Q80R soundbar is currently on sale.

Right now you can pick up this Samsung soundbar for just $997 through Amazon.

While $997 might sound like a lot just for your TV’s audio, there’s a lot going on here. More to the point, this soundbar package is usually priced at $1,199. So you are in effect saving $200 off the usual price. That's a fairly big discount on a high-end product.


For reference, this is the lowest price this package has been sold out through Amazon since August. So if you missed that deal, don’t miss it this time.

This price is not just for the soundbar either as it also includes a wireless subwoofer. This is not one of those deals where you only end up with the main bar and then need to spend more just to equal out the bass. Instead, you’re getting a complete 5.1.2 system and all for one price.

In addition, while this is a Samsung-branded product, the sound is tuned by Harman Kardon.

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If that alone doesn’t sell you on the sound quality, then keep in mind this is a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

If you’re still new to Dolby Atmos, then expect a more immersive sound in general.

For example, there’s 13 speakers in total here. While half of them fire normally, some are designed to specifically fire upwards, and others from the sides. The idea is the sound hits you from all angles. What’s more, the sound is relative to the content so it’s not just a multi-directional approach, but a contextual one.


Basically, you’ll hear the aircraft flying above you as Dolby Atmos is designed to offer a cinema-like sound experience, but in the home.

So, yes. $997 is a lot to pay for just your audio, but make no mistake, you’re getting a lot in return, and from two of the best names in the business.

Samsung Dolby Atmos Soundbar - $997 - Amazon